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AdCombo Review: Offers, Payouts, How to Join

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Main info

  • 6.915 offers
  • $50 min payment
  • Twice a week


Dating eCommerce Nutra/Health

Adult offers not available

Commission type


Offer type


Payment methods

PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney, Payoneer, USDT, Tipalti, Wire transfer


Easy registration

Table of contents:

  1. AdCombo Overview
  2. History
  3. AdCombo Offers, Ad Formats, Verticals
  4. How to Start With AdCombo
  5. How to Track the AdCombo Statistics
  6. Payments Frequency
  7. What are the Main AdCombo Features?
  8. Support
  9. AdCombo : Is it worth it?

AdCombo is an attractive CPA network for affiliates and advertisers. The company strives to change the affiliate marketing industry allowing their users exclusive offers, localized funnels, in-house platform and weekly payments. 

In this AdCombo review in 2024, we take a look at the company as a CPA network for affiliates. Let’s talk about the opportunities offered by this affiliate platform, the key features, main advantages and disadvantages. And for those marketers who are going to work with AdCombo, we have prepared a small guide: How to start with AdCombo.

AdCombo Overview

AdCombo is a CPA network that works with Nutra, iGaming, Dating, Mobile offers. For Nutra vertical, the platform suggests a special model of conversion which is called COD. But that isn’t all the network has. There are such commission types as CPA, CPS, CPI, CPL.

What is more, the company creates favorable conditions for CPA marketers providing them with twice a week payments without holds.

The remarkable characteristics are competitive payout rates with high conversion offers and landing pages. What is more, the CPA platform works in less competitive countries known as tier-2: Latin America, South Asia, Eastern Europe and Middle East. These are the main reasons why affiliates choose this company to cooperate.

Key numbers:

  • About 40.000 of affiliates have already worked with this CPA network;
  • There are 6,915 great offers in 12+ verticals, including Adult niche;
  • The main verticals are Nutra, iGaming, Dating, Mobile;
  • Offers can be promoted in 40+ GEOs worldwide.


The history of AdCombo started in 2014 in Calgary, Canada. However, before starting the work, the AdCombo team has been developing software for a year to provide high-level services to its partners. 

Today, the company has expanded and has offices and coworking facilities in 5 cities around the world with more than 100 employees.

AdCombo Offers, Ad Formats, Verticals

AdCombo suggests direct offers and today the offers number is more than 6,900. Most of them are COD. It means Cash on Delivery — customers pay for the goods after delivery. The seller has to ask for the buyer’s mobile phone number, and the call center connects the buyer and confirms the order. Once the purchase is confirmed, you receive the commission. 

Among the verticals you can find:

  • Adult;
  • Gambling;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Beauty products;
  • Weight loss products;
  • Wap-Click subscriptions.

The full list of all verticals can be found in your personal account after registration or login. 

AdCombo works with different kinds of traffic sources, it depends on the type of offer. All detailed information with restrictions can be found in the description of each offer.



Matcha Slim – UG

  • Payout: $4
  • Country: Uganda
  • Flow: COD


Pin-Up – Casino – Wheel LP – AZ

  • Payout: $50
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Flow: CPA


Premium Adult Flirts – Short form – 5 Countries

  • Payout: $68
  • Country: Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom
  • Flow: CPS

How to Start With AdCombo

In this Adcombo CPA network review, we would like to tell you how to start working with this affiliate platform. Our mini-guide contains the process of registration, account settings, payments settings and offers selection.

Sign Up

There are several steps you need to carry out to sign up for AdCombo:

1. Open the main page and click the Sign Up button.

2. Next, you need to choose how you want to register: as a publisher (affiliate marketer) or advertiser.

3. The task is to fill all the fields with the relevant information about yourself as an affiliate marketer.

4. There are three steps of account activation:

  • Confirm your registration via email;
  • Wait for your personal manager to get in touch;
  • Answer a few questions regarding your experience and get activated.

However, when registering, we noticed that the last two stages are not required for affiliates now.

5. After confirming your account, you will be able to log in to your personal account.

Account Settings

After registering, you need to secure your account, especially data and money. Let’s start with account settings:

1. Jump to the security page by clicking your username and account settings.

2. Set up two-factor authentication. In the two-factor authentication block click the enabled checkbox and then download the app to your device or install a two-factor authentication plugin.

3. You also can change the password, copy the API key and generate your own personal code for the Telegram bot.

4. In the General section, you can change your Skype and Telegram, set up the interface language, save or not statistic settings, use or not HTTPS for tracking URLs, disable smartlink monetization and disable help icons.

5. In Notifications, you can choose which notifications you want to receive: news, system messages,  information about offer changes, etc.

Payment Settings

Here you can integrate payment accounts with AdCombo to withdraw payments. Just fill out the form of the chosen payment method.

Learn about the payment terms for each service minimum and maximum payout and fees. Click on the username again and check out the section where your extra benefit is to be found — referral history.

To track your payments you can with the help Balance section. Hover the cursor over Balance and you will be able to know how much money is available for withdrawal, how much money is on hold and the total amount.


The Offer tab displays the offers in the system. For easy navigation, use different filters to help you find the right offers according to what you’re looking for:

  • Offer name or ID;
  • Country;
  • Category;
  • Vertical;
  • Flow;
  • Device;
  • Regions;
  • Access;
  • Type.

After selecting all the needed parameters click “Apply”.

The offers on the list have different types of access. There are three of them:

  • Offers with VIP access are available upon request;
  • Offers with regular access are available immediately;
  • Private offers are usually made available to the most reliable Partners.

When you find one on the list, you will see its basic information such as payout, GEO, Sub vertical, type and access.

Offer Page

If you’ve selected an offer or want to read its description, just click on it. This will take you to the offer page.

Top part of the page contains general information with basic characteristics, description, traffic restrictions and caps if there are limitations. 

You can add the offer to Favorites by pressing a small star in the top right corner.

Below you can adjust settings of tracking and iFrame URL.

Note: the links are updated automatically after any change is made.

URL settings:

  • URL builder is used for customisation of tracking URLs;
  • Postback/Pixel section allows you to set up post backlinks for leads, holds and rejects, place code to fire on the success page (Pixel code) and on pre landing/landing pages (Retarget code);
  • Widgets are necessary to add animations to the side of a landing page to motivate customers to buy advertised products;
  • Render settings allow to disable emoji favicon and smartlink monetization, make browser “Back” button work as always.

How to Track the AdCombo Statistics

There are several ways to keep in touch with your statistics:

  • Dashboard. Here you can find the chart based on clicks and revenue and the general number of clicks, conversions, revenue, revenue 2024, loyalty;
  • Statistics section. Here a great number of filters are available to affiliates.

You can combine many filters at the same time by offer, prelanding, landing, country, browser, operating system and so on.

After selecting the filters, be sure to click on the Apply button.

Payments Frequency

AdCombo is legit. The CPA network pays affiliates twice a week. The accepted payment methods are:

  • Payoneer;
  • WebMoney;
  • PayPal;
  • Wire Transfer;
  • Paxum;
  • Capitalist;
  • USDT.

As it is a CPA network, the commission types are CPA, CPS, CPI, CPL and COD.

What are the Main AdCombo Features?

A variety of features are available to affiliates. They are Postbacks, Domain Parking and Translations.


This feature displays a list of conversions that have been recorded in the partner’s system.

As an example, we’ll look over a conversion with the Pushground ad network:

  • The advertiser’s server sends a signal to Pushground, which includes the click ID originally specified by Pushground and the amount or payout of the offer;
  • Pushground records the conversion for this session.

In AdCombo Instructions, you can find full instructions on how AdCombo Postabacks works.

Domain Parking

Ads can be blocked on various websites or on social networks when using redirected links. One of the reasons is the reputation of the domain, as well as the rules of a particular platform. Therefore, your advertising is more likely to make a profit with the appropriate domain name.

Domain parking in AdCombo means that you assign DNS values to your domain name that are in the CPA network.

There are several ways of domain parking: as a gate or a prelanding/landing/iframe domain. The gate domain means that redirections and traffic come through this domain. Using a prelanding/landing/iframe domain all your traffic is generated on your own domain instead of a public network’s domain. 

Before park the domain, we recommend you to get acquainted with a short instruction in the Domain section.


Thanks to this feature, you can order a translation of the text for ad into any language. It works with 75 languages. But if you need a translation, for example, between German and Chinese, it’s necessary to order translation from German into English first and then you can order translation from English to Chinese.

Also, there are unique language pairs, which don’t require any extra cost for going through English. For example, translations from Spanish are now available into Portuguese (including Brazil), German, Italian and Russian.

The cost of translation per word is $0,06.

There are two ways to translate the text:

  • Human translation;
  • AI translation.

Note: It takes time to translate any text. Take this fact into account when placing a promotional offer.


For each affiliate marketer Support service is important as it is a possibility to solve any issue. AdCombo pays quite a lot of attention to this, so each user is assigned by friendly and helpful affiliate managers. You can contact the specialist via email, Skype and Telegram. The manager’s contacts you can find by clicking on the icon.

Unfortunately, during the test of the platform we encountered inoperative work of the manager. Within 5 working days we never received an answer to the question via messenger. However, as soon as we emailed, we were finally contacted by the manager. If your personal manager is unavailable at the moment, you can ping AdCombo Telegram bot. The bot supports two languages: English and Russian. It answers questions and shows an offer’s payout and approval rate.

Pros & cons


  • 12 verticals: Nutra, iGaming, Dating, Mobile, etc.;
  • Low competition GEOs;
  • Low minimum request — 50$;
  • Bi-weekly payments;
  • Multilingual support in 40+ languages;
  • Landing and pre-landing pages localization developed by AdCombo professionals;
  • In-built stats, domain parking, support for macros, UTM metrics and subaccounts;
  • A unique “Cash on Delivery” conversion scheme;
  • No barriers for newbies and professional affiliates;
  • Acceptance of any type of traffic.


  • Slow customer service.

AdCombo : Is it worth it?

You don’t have to be an experienced specialist to join AdCombo. The great team of managers will guide and support you on every step if you are a beginner. 

One of the main reasons to join this CPA network is thousands of exclusive offers with high payouts. Some of them couldn’t be found at other CPA platforms. 

Affiliates receive their payments twice a week upon request via PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Capitalist, Webmoney, Wire. 

Thanks to profound statistics, high-performance databases and analytical software marketers are provided with quick and reliable data. You can analyze the success of campaigns by using filters which make working with statistics very comfortable.


AdCombo is a safe CPA affiliate network that works closely with affiliates and for affiliates. It is suitable both for beginners and for those who are already in business — just join and start receiving your AdCombo earnings.

We suggest to try AdCombo if you want to monetize your traffic and expect high conversion rates.

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