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Veranika Minina 12 January 2024 dating top networks

Table of contents:

  1. What is Dating Vertical?
  2. What Commission Models are Used in Dating Vertical?
  3. How to Choose Dating CPA Offers?
  4. How to Choose the Best Dating CPA Networks?
  5. Best Dating CPA Networks

It’s not a secret that the Dating vertical attracts advertisers and affiliate marketers. It is an evergreen niche, with a consistently high demand for dating products and online dating services: dating sites, apps, etc. People across the globe are actively seeking companionship, love, and connections, making the dating vertical a lucrative market, especially for affiliates.

In this article, we explore the Dating vertical, what commission models are used in these types of offers as well as discover how to choose the best online Dating CPA platforms. And the most crucial part of the article is dedicated to top 13 Dating affiliate networks in the industry.

What is Dating Vertical?

Dating vertical is a specific niche in CPA marketing that is focused on promotion of dating-related products and services through affiliate networks. In this vertical, affiliates promote various Dating CPA offers: websites, apps, matchmaking services, and related products to earn commissions for driving desired actions or conversions.

What Commission Models are Used in Dating Vertical?

Dating offers provide great flexibility for affiliates, catering to a wide range of marketers with different levels of experience and specific needs. So, the commission model plays a significant role in shaping an affiliate’s strategy.

As a rule, online Dating CPA platforms use the following commission models:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action), CPS (Cost Per Sale). The most prevalent choices for promoting Dating in affiliate marketing are CPA or CPS models. These pricing models compensate affiliates for the user’s registration and specific actions they take, such as adding a photo, completing a profile, purchasing premium access, and more;

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead). It is a pricing model in the Dating vertical where users show their interest by registering, sharing information, or completing a profile. CPL provides a low-risk entry point into the Dating vertical, akin to introducing two potential partners at a social gathering;

  • RevShare (Revenue Share). Using this pricing model, a CPA network grants affiliates a percentage of the revenue generated by the users they refer. This option is more challenging as it requires affiliates to exercise patience while waiting for users to make purchases and renew their subscriptions. Additionally, affiliates need to allocate a budget to continuously run campaigns until they receive their payout.

Also, affiliates have the possibility to select from various conversion flows available in the Dating vertical:

  • SOI (Single Opt-In). Users are required to provide their email address, and the conversion is counted once this step is completed;
  • DOI (Double Opt-In). It’s a similar process as SOI, but with an additional step. After providing an email, users must confirm their subscription by clicking on a link in the email received, and the conversion is counted once this confirmation is done.

Both these types are suitable for beginners in affiliate marketing in general.

How to Choose Dating CPA Offers?

There are 2 types of offers in Dating vertical: mainstream and non-mainstream.

Mainstream offers are primarily focused on long-lasting relationships, while non-mainstream offers cater to individuals seeking more casual and fun experiences, such as sex dating, webcams, and 18+ chats, rather than a life partner.

There are numerous mainstream advertisers in affiliate marketing who aim to expand their audience. The advertisers have well-developed strategies and provide a wealth of advertising materials, including creatives and landing pages. Affiliates can choose to promote these established brands or opt for smaller services. Also, marketers can learn from the advertising techniques and add such strategies into their own dating campaigns.

What concerns beginners, they can choose Smartlink offers in Dating. The system evaluates and selects the most suitable offers for each individual user. While the payouts may not be exceptionally high, opting for Smartlink offers can be a valuable opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in the field.

How to Choose the Best Dating CPA Networks?

Success in affiliate marketing also depends on which CPA network was chosen. So, there are several rules that will help you to find the best Dating CPA platform in the market:

  • Reputation and reliability of the network: Look for CPA networks with a good reputation. Consider networks that have positive reviews from affiliates. Research the network’s history of timely and reliable payments. Affiliates should feel confident that they will receive their commissions as agreed upon;

  • Variety and quality of Dating offers available: Consider the quality of the offers and the reputation of the advertisers and brands associated with the network. High-quality offers from reputable offers owners are more likely to convert well;

  • Payout rates and payment terms: Compare the payout rates offered by different networks for the Dating offers you’re interested in promoting. Higher payout rates can significantly impact your earnings. Examine the payment terms, including the frequency of payments (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and the minimum payout threshold. Ensure these terms are suitable for your financial needs and cash flow;

  • Affiliate support and resources: Look for networks that provide dedicated affiliate managers who can offer personalized guidance, support, and assistance. Consider the availability of resources such as pre-made creatives, landing pages, banners, and other promotional materials. These resources can save you time and effort in creating your own marketing assets.

Best Dating CPA Networks

Taking into account the previous characteristics, we’ve created the list of Dating CPA networks. Let’s delve deeper into each of them and discover top Dating CPA networks in online marketing.

1. iMonetizeIt

iMonetizeIt is a Smartlink Dating affiliate network that makes it easier to funnel users to the most relevant offer. Each time a user clicks on an ad link, the Smartlink algorithm works to analyze user data and redirect them to the most appealing Dating offer.

The platform works with any type of traffic, including search, social, app, native, email, push, banner. It also provides access to a wide variety of offers with pre-tested funnels. The platform gives a list of exclusive and in-house offers with high payouts based on CPA, CPL, CPS, and Revshare commission types. And you can promote Dating, Sweepstakes, and other offers.

The iMonetizeIt Dating affiliate network is a great place for beginners. For example, it’s easy to get started. There’s no need to invest in expensive domains or VPS servers to run Dating offers. Smartlink and Dating CPA network eliminates the need for complicated tools, like multi-stage filters or costly subscriptions.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 6,000;
  • Verticals: Dating, Gambling, Games, Nutra/Health, Sweepstakes, Casino;
  • Minimum payout: $80;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS, RevShare;
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, Capitalist, BTC, Bank transfer, USDT (TRC20, ERC20), Paxum, Kiwi, Skrill, Dana, PayPal.

2. MyLead

MyLead is a global affiliate network, established in Poland in 2014. The platform collaborates with trusted advertisers and well-established brands from around the world. The affiliate network encompasses a wide range of popular verticals: Dating, Gambling, Nutra/Health, Finance, and more. MyLead provides several payment models to its users, including CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS, providing flexibility and catering to diverse monetization preferences.

The Cost Per Install affiliate network MyLead offers various types of content lockers. One of them is the Content Locker CPA, which is a traditional method of monetizing websites. With this approach, users are required to complete an action from the provided offers in order to access specific content. Similarly, the File Locker operates on the same principle, limiting access to particular files on the website.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 4,641;
  • Dating offers number: 1,053;
  • Verticals: Adult, Dating, eCommerce, Finance, Games, Sweepstakes, Nutra/Health;
  • Minimum payout: $20;
  • Commission types: CPI, CPL, CPS, CPA;
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, bitcoin, Tether, Revolut, Capitalist, YooMoney, QiWi.

3. Adverten

Adverten is a smartlink CPA network. The platform provides 1,000+ offers in the Adult Dating vertical. The affiliate can’t choose offers, only smartlink is available in the personal account. There is a referral program and personal conditions for top affiliates.

Earnings in Adverten depend on the quality of traffic. The affiliate network accepts any GEO but gives special preference to traffic from the USA, Europe, CIS and other countries. You can see the list of prioritized GEOs in the smartlink settings.

And if you want to work with other verticals, write to your personal manager — the specialist will offer you a smartlink for the required vertical and for your traffic sources.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 1,000+;
  • Verticals: Adult, Adult Dating, Adult Gaming;
  • Minimum payout: $100;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS, Smartlink;
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Paxum, Capitalist, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Wire Transfer.

4. Yellana

Yellana is an affiliate network created by the team of RichAds. Despite the fact that it was founded in 2022, the CPA platform shows great results. For example, there are 500+ affiliate offers with high payouts from credible advertisers, including … Dating ones.

Yellana treats its affiliates with care, selecting only those exclusive Dating offers that have already been tested. Marketers can contact a manager and ask for help in selecting an offer based on their own wishes. Regardless of skill level, Yellana accepts affiliates with any experience to teach them how to bring in large volumes of Dating traffic.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 500+;
  • Verticals: Dating, Gambling, Betting, Utilities, Financial, Sweepstakes;
  • Minimum payout: $100;
  • Commission types: CPI, CPL, CPA, CPS;
  • Payment methods: Wire, Visa, Mastercard, Capitalist, Payoneer.

5. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is one of the top CPA Networks that specializes on the Dating and Adult verticals. It provides 250+ offers in Dating niche with payouts of $105, $6.88, $70, $0.0241, depending on the offers’ requirements. The platform suggests flexible payment terms, including weekly and twice a month payments. This means affiliates can receive their income quickly and regularly, managing their finances efficiently.

The platform accepts traffic to a high quality landing page that provides a high conversion rate and a large number of repeat purchases. The set of advertising materials includes standard materials: banners, iFrame blocks, pop-up, templates for email newsletters, surveys.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 450+;
  • Dating offers number: 250+;
  • Verticals: Adult, Dating, Mobile, Apps;
  • Minimum payout: $100;
  • Commission types: CPI, Multi-CPA, CPS, RevShare, RevShare Lifetime;
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, MassPay, Paxum, Paypal, Wire Transfer, Crypto.

6. Perform[cb]

Perform[cb] CPA network cooperates with giant brands in affiliate marketing as well as Silicon Valley’s startups. The platform’s database has thousands of carefully selected and effective offers across numerous verticals. The team pays special attention to compliance with the rules of the offers and cherishes transparency in work with partners.

The main GEO’s are Tier-1 countries. Perform[cb] offers a payment schedule: from once a month to twice a week. The frequency of payments depends on the volume, quality of traffic. Perform[cb] AI technology has been proven to provide a 36% lift in EPC for its affiliate partners.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 500+;
  • Dating offers number: 30+;
  • Verticals: Adult, Dating, Mobile, Apps;
  • Minimum payout: $50;
  • Commission types: CPI, CPA, CPL, CPE, CPS;
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Paxum, Capitalist, Check.

7. AdCombo

AdCombo affiliate network was founded in 2013. Currently, AdCombo offers thousands of CPA offers for users with a wide range of GEOs. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a CPA network, which means affiliates get paid for verified conversions.

With AdCombo you can find profitable campaigns in countries with slightly less competition, i.e. Tier-2 countries which include Latin America, South Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The platform collects offers from verified advertisers, which allows affiliates to test the most profitable options.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 2,133;
  • Dating offers number: 125;
  • Verticals: Dating, iGaming, Mobile, Nutra/Health, eCommerce;
  • Minimum payout: $50;
  • Commission types: CPS, CPA, CPI, CPL;
  • Payment methods: Capitalist, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer, Tipalti, USDT.

8. AdsEmpire

AdsEmpire is an affiliate network that has been operating since 2020 and is primarily focused on the Dating vertical. The company has a lot of exclusive offers from direct advertisers. Affiliates have the ability to work on CPA and Smartlink models simultaneously. Any type of traffic is allowed, except fraud, spam, and motivated traffic.

As usual, you must register for AdsEmpire. However, inexperienced affiliates may have difficulties, as you need to be interviewed by a manager and provide information about your affiliate background. If you manage to register, you need to wait for the manager’s response to get offers. 

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 547;
  • Verticals: Dating, Games, Sweepstakes;
  • Minimum payout: $250;
  • Commission types: CPS, CPA, CPL;
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, USDT, Wire Transfer, Paxum, PayPal.

9. ClickDealer

ClickDealer is one of the leading affiliate networks specializing in the CPA commission model and covering the most profitable market niches. Affiliates of the platform are able to utilize the best internet marketing opportunities that bring success in such verticals as Dating, eCommerce, Nutra/Health, and others.

ClickDealer has over 12,000 direct offers available, most of them are exclusive. The company supports only legit traffic sources, but there are some restrictions. For example, fraud is prohibited and there is a ban on incentivized traffic.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 14,400+;
  • Dating offers number: 118;
  • Verticals: Dating, Nutra/Health, eCommerce, Software, Utilities, Crypto, Games, Gambling;
  • Minimum payout: $500;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, Revshare;
  • Payment methods: Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, eCheck, Qiwi, YooMoney, Capitalist.

10. Mobidea

Mobidea is an international affiliate network for monetizing Mobile traffic. The platform has been on the market since 2011. The network covers 150+ GEOs. About 100 advertisers and more than 130,000 webmasters and affiliates from all over the world are partners of the network.

There are 1,500+ different offers. Verticals the affiliate network Mobidea works with: Dating, Nutra/Health, Sweepstakes, Adult, Mobile, etc. The system supports such advertising formats as popunder banners, overlay banners, standard banners.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 1,500+;
  • Dating offers number: 65;
  • Verticals: Adult, Dating, Games, Mobile, Sweepstakes;
  • Minimum payout: $50;
  • Commission types: CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS, Nonbillable;
  • Payment methods: PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, FirstchoicePay.

11. GG.Agency

Golden Goose is a global performance marketing network specializing in mobile traffic monetization. At the moment more than 6,000 partners cooperate with Golden Goose on a permanent basis. The platform has more than 600+ constantly available offers. There are mobile offers in the following verticals: Adult, Dating, Sweepstakes, Software, etc.

Starting to work with GG Network, affiliates need to pass an interview where they will need to indicate traffic sources, confirm their experience. After passing this stage, there will be no restrictions.

A referral program is also available to partners. There is a separate section in the personal account where the statistics of referrals are displayed. If you wish to participate in the Golden Goose referral program, request access from your personal manager.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 600+;
  • Dating offers number: 80+;
  • Verticals: Adult, Dating, Sweepstakes, etc.;
  • Minimum payout: $20;
  • Commission types: CPA, RevShare;
  • Payment methods: YooMoney, PayPal, QiWi, Payoneer, WebMoney, Capitalist, Paxum, Bank Transfer.

12. Olimob

Olimob is a well-known affiliate network in affiliate marketing. The main verticals are Crypto, Dating, Mobile subscriptions (mVAS) and Gambling. The company works on CPA, CPL and RevShare models. You can run traffic depending on the advertiser’s requirements and the vertical of the offer.

Approximately 30% of all offers are from the Dating vertical, as this niche acts as the main one in Olimob. Some exclusives are presented only here. If necessary, the manager will enter the selected offer for a wide audience into Smartlink as this will allow you to get money for conversions regardless of GEO. But for this you need to contact your manager. Some offers can be run instantly without prior approval.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 540+;
  • Dating offers number: 277;
  • Verticals: Adult, Dating, Gambling, Sweepstakes;
  • Minimum payout: $300;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, RevShare;
  • Payment methods: Capitalist, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, USDT.

13. Cpamatica

Cpamatica is one of the best Dating affiliate networks specializing with payouts from 10 cents to $120 in a wide range of GEOs. Also, there are in-house offers for USA, Latam, Africa and India.

Payouts happen every week: invoices on Tuesday and Wednesday, payouts on Thursday. New affiliates receive their first payment on the 15th day after registration.

The affiliate network shares bonuses for its partners. They are a 50% discount for the first month of using the platform, as well as a 10% bonus on the first deposit. Also, affiliates can get bonuses for trackers, ad networks, spay services and analytics tools.

Key features:

  • Total offers number: 1,000+;
  • Verticals: Adult, Dating, Gaming, Sweepstakes;
  • Minimum payout: $50;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI;
  • Payment methods: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney, Paxum, ePayments.


The Dating vertical is a popular and profitable niche within affiliate marketing, with ample opportunities for affiliates to thrive. By understanding the dynamics of the Dating vertical and making informed choices in terms of pricing models and Dating CPA platforms, affiliates can unlock their earning potential and build a successful dating affiliate marketing sphere.

Veranika Minina
Veranika Minina is a fan of affiliate marketing. Veranika's articles are carefully crafted to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to beginners while also offering fresh perspectives about CPA-networks for experienced marketers. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned marketer, Veranika's writings are sure to inspire, educate, and motivate, guiding you towards a profitable affiliate marketing journey.
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