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ClickDealer Review 2024: Is it worth it?

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Main info

  • 14475 offers
  • $500 min payment
  • Twice a week, Weekly, Monthly


Dating eCommerce Gambling Games Mobile Nutra/Health Software Utilities Casino

Adult offers not available

Commission type

CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, RevShare

Offer type


Payment methods

PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney, Payoneer, QiWi, ACH, YooMoney, ePayments, eCheck, Wire transfer


Easy registration

Table of contents:

  1. ClickDealer Overview
  2. ClickDealer History
  3. ClickDealer Verticals and Offers
  4. How to Start With ClickDealer
  5. How to Track the Statistics
  6. Payments: Frequency and Methods
  7. ClickDealer Support
  8. ClickDealer Features
  9. ClickDealer: Is it worth it?

ClickDealer is a performance marketing agency. Started from a small team of marketers, the company has transformed into a CPA network for publishers and advertisers. And now you can easily join the affiliate platform to try something new and run exclusive CPA offers.

In this ClickDealer review, we would like to talk about the CPA network for affiliate marketers. Let’s discuss its TOP offers, verticals, such internal features of the platform as a private account, statistics, payment options and other crucial characteristics.

ClickDealer Overview

ClickDealer is one of the leading CPA networks in the affiliate marketing industry. Among the distinctive characteristics of the company we can highlight:

  • Convenient, flexible, and secure payment system;
  • In-house platform constantly updated with new features;
  • Parties, meetups, and loyalty rewards for partners;
  • Wide range of exclusive offers across all verticals;
  • Worldwide coverage with offices in 5 countries;
  • 24/7 support from experienced dedicated managers.

The leadership of the platform is confirmed by numerous awards from experts. For example, ClickDealer has been ranked as one of the best by Performinsider, mThink Blue Book and Mobyaffiliates.

ClickDealer History

In order to create a difference in the internet advertising industry, a small group of ambitious marketers decided to collaborate and founded the company named ClickDealer in 2012. 

Today, It is a global marketing agency that offers reasonably priced advertising services to a broad variety of clients. The company positions itself as a brand-new kind of affiliate network that offers performance marketing that is convenient, approachable, and personable.

ClickDealer Verticals and Offers

This ClickDealer platform works with more than 50 verticals which include The TOP ones: Dating, E-commerce, Nutra, Mobile Subscriptions, Gambling, Download.

Attractive offers is one of the important reasons why publishers choose one or another CPA network. What concerns ClickDealer, the platform differs from its competitors by a wide range of offers, including exclusive ones. The total offers number is 14475. The commission types are CPA and Revshare. Sign up the affiliate network to get acquainted with all these options.

The company accepts almost all types of traffic, but it depends on the offer. For example, the platform doesn’t take fraud traffic, and pop is usually of low quality. That is why we highly recommend you to check restrictions of offers carefully.

TOP 3 Offers

There are TOP 3 offers for publishers:


Home Improvement

[WEB+MOB] HQ Gutter /US *Sensitive*

  • GEO: US
  • Payout: Revshare
  • CR: 7.57%
  • EPC: $2.70


[WEB+MOB] McAfee – Check out page (Advanced Individual&Family) /US CPS [Approval required]

  • GEO: US
  • Payout: $120.00
  • CR: 2.09%
  • EPC: $2.51


[WEB+MOB] Network Solutions /International – Revshare up to 24%

  • Payout: Revshare
  • CR: 5.00%
  • EPC: $3.90

How to Start With ClickDealer

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a marketer with extensive experience, this part of the ClickDealer review will be useful. We suggest you figure out how to get started with the CPA network.

Step 1. Sign Up

Open the main page of the ClickDealer website.

As you can see, here the two options are available: ClickDealer for publishers and ClickDealer for advertisers. We will tell you how to register and start working as a publisher in the CPA network. Here publishers are affiliate marketers.

So, click the button Join Now under Publishers.

Note: In some countries, the registration process is only possible using a VPN.

Then you can see a guide which explains how to pass the account activation. Study all the steps and move on to the bottom of the page.

You need to fill in all the required fields about yourself and traffic.

As soon as you fill in all the required fields, an email with verification will be sent to your email address that you specified during registration.

If your application is approved, you will receive your login credentials, containing the username and a password reset link. Approval time can take up to 3 business days. But in reality, the application for registration took 1 week.

Step 2. Offers search

When you log in to your personal account, you get to the Dashboard.

In the menu on the left side you will find TOP offers report and Offers.

In the TOP offers report section you will find the best offers from 14,400+.

The full list of offers can be found in the Offers Browse section.

You can also see your campaigns, pending campaigns, new offers, recently viewed, rotations and request offers.

As we noted earlier, all offers are available in the Browse Offers section. Here you can filter them by diverse parameters:

  • Country;
  • Platform: desktop, mobile, tablet;
  • Vertical: Astrology, Clairvoyance, CBD, Download, Diet & Weight Loss, E-Commerce, Financial, etc.;
  • Price Format: CPA, Revshare, All;
  • Payout: min and max;
  • Status: active, public, apply to run, pending.

Moreover, you can choose an extended search.

Step 3. Apply an Offer

If you have found a suitable offer, your next step is to apply for it.

But first, we recommend clicking on the offer to get acquainted with all characteristics.

If you are ready to apply the offer, don’t forget to check the “I agree” box.

And then you have to enter the info about your type of traffic and more specifically, what sources you’re going to use to speed up the approval process.

Applications are considered by managers. If you meet the terms of the offer, the request will be approved. Also be prepared for the fact that a refusal may come if there are any inconsistencies with the requirements of the offer.

How to Track the Statistics

When working with any affiliate network, it is important to track statistics. This way you will be able to understand what types of offers you prefer to work with, what are your best verticals, etc.

ClickDealer provide its affiliates with two options:

  • Statistics on the Dashboard;
  • Full-fledged reports in the main menu.

Unlike other networks, ClickDealer offers a variety of ways to track data on offers. You can choose:

  • Global report;
  • Campaign summary;
  • Smartlink summary;
  • Creative summary;
  • SubAffiliate summary;
  • Rotation summary;
  • Event report;
  • Conversion report;
  • Click report.

Let’s examine how to track the global stats:

  • Period;
  • Campaign: all or a certain offer;
  • Contact: your account;
  • Smartlink;
  • Group by: all, date, hour, rotation, campaign, smartlink, creative, SubAffiliate, country, device type, connection, OS, browser, media type, contact;
  • Country;
  • Device type: phone, tablet, smart phone, smart TV, console, computer;
  • Connection: Wi-Fi, mobile, broadband;
  • OS: Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Tizen, Windows, etc.;
  • Browser: Opera, Chrome. Firefox, Safari, etc.;
  • Media type: banner/display, email, inapp, Instagram, SEO, SMS, etc.;
  • SubAffiliates.

Payments: Frequency and Methods

The affiliates are paid on NET 15 basis. The minimum payout or payment threshold for selected payment types is $500.

The accepted payment methods are:

  • Wire/ACH (Tipalti);
  • Payoneer;
  • PayPal;
  • Paxum;
  • Webmoney;
  • Epayments Systems LTD;
  • Capitalist;
  • Crypto;
  • Dana.

After you fill out payment details in your ClickDealer account, you can alternate between them by choosing the preferred one for the current billing cycle, or even put your payments on hold simply by clicking a checkbox.


  • Your account has to be linked to ClickDealer mass payment account before you can start receiving payments. To do that, enter and save your Payoneer details, and then click “Connect” to log into your Payoneer account and link it to ClickDealer;
  • Due to recent regulations, there will be a 1% commission fee for amounts over $3K and 2% for amounts over $5K. Requests to split payments will not affect the commission fee as it will be calculated from the total amount;
  • Payments in crypto require a signed IO contract.

The platform gives you the possibility to track your payments. Choose the Billing section — and you can check the payment info, payout report, referral payments.

ClickDealer Support

If you have any questions or you need to solve any problem, you can contact the Support team. Technical support is available on a 24/7 basis, however, in some cases it will not be possible to get an immediate response.

Each affiliate marketer has own account manager. The name, email and Skype of affiliate manager you will find in the personal account.

If you want to change the manager, the company could switch you from personal manager support to its global support manager. In this case you can send your request by emailing ClickDealer at or use a designated contact form at

Also, there is a FAQ where you can find answers for the most popular questions and learn how to use features of the CPA network.

ClickDealer Features

ClickDealer provides affiliates with a variety of features. Let’s discuss each of them.

Loyalty program

The loyalty program is a rewarding system of customers who successfully convert on offers that are part of the loyalty program.

To know if the offer is a part of the program, open Browse offers section, and in the Loyalty column you may find the info.

There are several types of points:

  • Total points (pending): Points are awarded for the total conversion amount;
  • Total group points (pending): Points are awarded for the total conversion amount for a group of affiliates;
  • Ready for withdrawal: Points are awarded for paid conversions and can be used to redeem prizes;
  • Ready for withdrawal (group): Points are awarded for paid conversions and can be used to redeem prizes by a group of affiliates.

The COST value is determined for each offer in a single day. The COST is multiplied by the coefficient of the offer after being split by ten.

Global Postback

A global postback is set up account-wide and designed for all conversions and events from your campaigns. For certain campaigns and events, a Postback URL can also be set up individually.

Go to Tools – Global postback and type your tracker’s postback link into the Global S2S postback URL box to configure a global postback.

You must check the Fire global pixel/postback setting in the campaign settings or on a specific event for a global postback to function at the campaign or event level.


You can work with the platform via API using several methods:

  • OfferFeed: You may acquire a list of all the current offers on the platform from the Offer – Browse section by using the following request, or you can get a list that has been sorted by vertical, nation, platform, media type, etc.;
  • GetCampaignLinks: By configuring a tracking domain and attribute, this request generates a list of your current campaigns together with distinctive tracking links from the Offer – My campaigns page, enabling the creation of secure tracking links (SSL);
  • GetCampaign: it returns a detailed list of campaigns with the settings and restrictions you specify in the GET parameters of the request, such as offer ID, country, platform, age, domain, etc. With this request, you may also obtain the specific tracking links for your campaigns;
  • ApplyForOffer: This request allows you to submit an application for an offer from the list of offers that the OfferFeed request returned;
  • SetPostbackURL: With this request, you may configure an S2S postback URL for a selected campaign and/or event;
  • SetPixelHtml: It enables you to configure a Pixel HTML for a selected campaign and/or event;
  • Conversions: Using this request, you may get a report on conversions that has been sorted by the advertiser, offer, campaign, creative, conversion ID, and more. The complete list of conversions for a certain time period is also available;
  • Summary: this request provides a breakdown of ID rotation, offer ID, currency, and other data during a specified time period;
  • SendLeads: You may deliver leads from offer pages straight to advertisers using this request.

The Tools – API section has an in-depth exploration of the API functions.

Redirect Domains

With the help of this feature, you can add your own redirect domains to be used in your tracking links. To link your own subdomain, create a CNAME (Alias) record and point it to

How to redirect domains:

1. Click the Add domain button;

2. Fill all the fields: domain, status (active or inactive), SSL, Facebook verified;

3. Save the info.

Note: if you want to use HTTPS with the subdomain you added to your account, you need to enable the SSL checkbox when adding the domain.

Pros & cons


  • A diverse portfolio of direct offers and exclusives;
  • Flexible payment terms and variety of payment methods;
  • Offer performance reports;
  • Multi-currency reports;
  • Dedicated support of personal managers;
  • Custom redirect domain parking;
  • Global Postback shutdown on campaign.


  • For beginners, the threshold payout ($500) is high.

ClickDealer: Is it worth it?

Summing up all the information, ClickDealer is a safe platform which is worth using. It may be a little bit complicated for beginners as a threshold is $500, but affiliates with experience in the industry of affiliate marketing can easily deal with the platform.

One of the reasons why you should try ClickDealer CPA network is the number of offers. There are more than 14,000 of offers including exclusive ones. Some of them participate in the loyalty program.

ClickDealer is legit. The team of professional specialists makes its best to provide the affiliates with in-time payments. What is more, each publisher can track the payments in the personal account thanks to deep reports.


ClickLeader is one of the best affiliate networks for publishers and advertisers. Its name is popular in the industry, that is why marketers recommend the network to work with. You can also join ClickDealer and estimate the possibilities and features of the platform.

If you have any doubts, check out real reviews to be sure that the company is not a scam.

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