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CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review: Offers, Verticals, Payouts

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Main info

  • 400 offers
  • $50 min payment
  • Monthly


Betting Crypto Dating eCommerce Finance Gambling Mobile Sweepstakes Utilities Survey

Adult offers not available

Commission type


Offer type


Payment methods

PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney, Payoneer, Bitcoin, QiWi, USDT


Easy registration

Table of contents:

  1. CpaRoll Overview
  2. History of CpaRoll Affiliate Network
  3. Top Affiliate Offers and Verticals
  4. How to Start with CpaRoll?
  5. Statistic Section
  6. CpaRoll Payment Methods
  7. CpaRoll Support
  8. Tools and Features
  9. CpaRoll: Is it Worth it?

CpaRoll is a prominent affiliate network that has gained recognition for its commitment to establish strong relationships with its partners. Let’s discover how to start earning as well as which benefits the platform has in this CpaRoll review.

CpaRoll Overview

Let’s start with an overview. CpaRoll is an affiliate network created by the RollerAds team. Nowadays, it provides affiliates with 400+ offers from direct advertisers across diverse verticals: Betting, Crypto, Dating, Antivirus, eCommerce, Finance, Gambling, Mobile, Sweepstakes, Utilities, Surveys, and other niches.

The CPA network operates in almost all popular GEOs. By joining CpaRoll, you will have the opportunity to work with Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries. Look through such countries as India, the US, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia and Germany for launching offers.

The CPA network accepts all affiliates, including beginners and experienced specialists. To encourage marketers, CpaRoll suggests various promotions, gives bonuses for large traffic volumes and organizes contests. The referral program of 5% is given to partners for each new affiliate marketer.

History of CpaRoll Affiliate Network

CpaRoll is a RollerAds project. In 2021, they decided to create an affiliate network to help affiliates grow in affiliate marketing and find high-converting offers. The expertise of CpaRoll experts helps affiliates choose an offer, determine the best GEO, withdraw payments, suggest ways for additional monetization and more. 

Top Affiliate Offers and Verticals

The main verticals of CpaRoll are Betting, Crypto, Dating, Antivirus, eCommerce, Finance, Gambling, Mobile, Sweepstakes, Utilities, Surveys. Also you can find Auto Insurance, Extensions, Horoscope, Lead generations categories in offers filters.

The offers number is 400+. This number includes exclusive and in-house offers that cannot be found at any other CPA network. But note that not all offers are public, some of them need to be approved by an affiliate manager.What concerns commission type, you’ll find CPA, CPS, CPI, CPC offers.The affiliate network is very loyal to traffic sources, as the platform accepts any traffic, even push, pops and TikTok, the main thing is to ensure its large volumes and comply with KPIs.




  • GEO: CA
  • Commission type: CPA
  • Payouts: $50



  • GEO: AE
  • Commission type: CPA
  • Payouts: $6



  • GEO: DE
  • Commission type: CPA
  • Payouts: $2.70

How to Start with CpaRoll?

Let’s find out how to register as an affiliate and start promoting offers in this CpaRoll review.

Step 1. Register an account

Open the main page of CpaRoll and click the button “Sign up as Affiliate”. You’ll see a form that should be filled in with information about yourself. Provide detailed answers to all the given questions as the managers of the CPA network will carefully examine your profile and determine whether to approve or reject the registration based on your responses.

Note: It’s necessary to answer all the questions that include contact info, mailing address, billing, additional info, and experience in affiliate marketing.

The approval process usually takes up to 1 business day. Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive a signup email with a confirmation of approval. If registration is declined, an automatic reply will be sent to you via email, too.

Step 2. Explore the Dashboard

Entering your login and password, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard of your personal affiliate account. This page consists of general statistics, tracking and asset generator, offers the affiliate worked with.

Key statistics are provided to track the performance of your campaigns, including the number of clicks, conversions, profit volume, CVR (Conversion Rate), EVR (Earnings per Visitor). These statistics are displayed for the current month, today, and yesterday. Additionally, data from the previous month is also presented to facilitate comparisons and evaluate campaign effectiveness.

On the left is a navigation menu with 4 sections:

  • Manage: offers and postback;
  • Analyze: reporting and analytics;
  • Tools: tracking and asset generator;
  • More: company settings.

For partners, the interface is available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Russian. If you want to change it, go to the “My account” in the company settings section, click “Edit” and choose the suitable option.

Step 3. Launch the First Offer

In order to launch your first offer, it’s necessary to carry out the following actions:

  • Open “Offers” section and look through the offers;
  • Choose the most preferable ones according to a vertical, payouts, GEO, and other characteristics that could be found in the offer’s card;
  • If the offer is public, you can start configuring tracking links and asset packages. But if the offer is private, you need to send an application by clicking the button “Apply”.

At the stage of finding the offer, you can use the filters to organize it by category, channel, country, payout type and platform. Also, the list customization is available by approved, pending, public, rejected and require approval.

If you click any offer, you’ll open its description with conditions: vertical, GEOs, operating system, promo materials, etc.

Statistic Section

CpaRoll allows to track the statistics with the help of three instruments: reporting, analytics and tracking link generator.

Reporting provides detailed statistics about the results of affiliates work on the platform, including information about the number of clicks, conversions, events, profits and other parameters for a certain period of time. You can download the corresponding report directly from your personal account.

Analytics show detailed analytics on all actions related to a specific offer. You can select an offer by its name using the search function, and sort analytics data by clicks, conversions, events, CVR and other parameters. On the left side of the screen are columns with more detailed stats on specific parameters, which can also be customized to your preference.

Tracking link generator helps create a tracking link to check the results of an offer promotion. In addition, you can add Source IDs and subaccounts to this tracking link.

CpaRoll Payment Methods

You can withdraw the CpaRoll earnings in several accepted payment methods: WebMoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Qiwi, PayPal, Payoneer, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT. The full list of payment methods can be found in the Company Settings – Billing – Edit. In your personal account, it is possible to choose the currency. In addition, you can be provided with other payment systems upon request.

The minimum payout is $50. The payment frequency is monthly. Keep in mind that some offers require additional traffic verification, so the withdrawal process can take you several days.

As an affiliate marketer, you have a possibility to discuss personal conditions of cooperation such as accelerating the payment frequency to weekly or daily or using special payment methods. The main thing is that the affiliate maintains transparency in communication with the manager, achieves good results and profits, and CpaRoll is ready to listen to the requests and support the affiliate marketer.

CpaRoll Support

CpaRoll has built competent communication with affiliates. The team is ready to provide their partners with prelends and creatives for offers on request. They can also offer funnels for the product, both those already working and those created on personal request.

Each affiliate is assigned a personal manager. The average support response time is about 30 minutes, but in case of emergencies managers respond faster. Contacts of the personal manager are specified in the menu tab in the personal account.

Tools and Features

The set of tools available in CpaRoll is standard:

  • Postback: This feature has its own section which displays information on postbacks such as an offer name, postback status, method, and URL. You can filter the data by active and inactive postbacks. Here you can also view postbacks by conversions, events, and CPC;
  • Smartlink: It allows you to create one banner with several offers. Analyzing the age, GEO, device and other parameters of users, the smartlink redirects them to the offer that can be interesting.

Also, CpaRoll suggests a PWA (Progressive Web Application) constructor that transforms a website into an app. To get it, contact your personal manager.

Pros & cons

There is a list of advantages and disadvantages of the CpaRoll affiliate network.


  • 400+ offers;
  • Prepared creatives;
  • Detailed analytics system;
  • Individual terms of cooperation on request;
  • Personal support for any issue.


  • Registration could be declined;
  • No educational materials for beginners.

CpaRoll: Is it Worth it?

CpaRoll is a multivertical affiliate network created by experienced specialists. The RollerAds team has made an effort to develop the platform into the leading one in the field of affiliate marketing. And unlike many other networks, this one offers very competitive conditions, managers help the affiliates and facilitate their work.

CpaRoll is safe. To protect its partners, the platform only works with verified advertisers to provide affiliates with consistent fair payouts. And vice versa, the managers help to check the traffic to prevent fraud and other restricted sources.

CpaRoll is legit. Payments are made through wide-spread payment services that are accepted in countries of affiliate marketers. On individual request you can agree on personalized working conditions.

The support team is always ready to help with finding the best offers, creatives, payouts and other questions. It’s an advantage both for beginners and experienced marketers. But the approval process during the registration and launching offers can be a challenge for new specialists in affiliate marketing.


Join CpaRoll, if you prefer CPA networks with diverse verticals. Here you will get in-house and exclusive offers, worldwide GEO coverage, and a loyal attitude to affiliates. Overall, this platform is a recommended choice for affiliate marketers looking for a trusted and dynamic partner.

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