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Blue Book - Best CPA Networks Review: How to Work with Nutra CPA Network

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Main info

  • 2.670 offers
  • $50 min payment
  • Daily, Weekly



Adult offers not available

Commission type


Offer type

Trial, Trial+Upsell, SS streight sale

Payment methods

PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney, ePayments, USDT, CC, Credit Card, Wire transfer


Easy registration

Table of contents:

  1. Dr. Cash Overview
  2. Dr.Cash History
  3. Affiliate Offers
  4. How to start with
  5. Statistics Tracking
  6. Payment Frequency and Methods
  7. Support Service
  8. Features
  9. Is it worth it?
  10. Is legit or a scam?

If you are interested in Nutra offers, is one of the best choices. It is a CPA network where internet marketers and nutrition manufacturers make money together:

  • Advertisers have a product or service in the field of human beauty and health, and need traffic with payment for the result;
  • Affiliates are looking for the most profitable ways to earn more.

In this review, we would like to analyze the platform as an affiliate network. Our aim is to tell you more about offers, payments, features. And the most significant part of the review is dedicated to how to start  working with the network.

Dr. Cash Overview

Let’s start the overview with a goal of the company. strives to be a leader in the field of performance and affiliate marketing in the Human beauty and Health industry. And judging by the data provided by the platform, the company develops well.

The company cooperates with hundreds of nutrition producers, and competition between them gives affiliates the best conditions in the market. As an example, there are 2,670 offers. The CPA platform works with Tier-1 countries with CCard conversion and net-14 terms or Tier-3 countries with easy COD flow and instant payments. It provides users with its own landing and prelanding pages with the highest conversion rates.

The fact that is not a scam is proved by numerous reviews of affiliates, advertisers and partners. And before you start working with the network, you can get acquainted with reviews directly on the company’s website.

Dr.Cash History was founded in 2016. Since its establishment, the company has gained a title as one of the best Nutra CPA networks in the world of affiliate marketing. Nowadays, it suggests 2,670 offers in 55 beauty and health niches, works with 100,000 affiliates opening an opportunity for thousands of marketers and advertisers to use the infinite resources of human brain creativity to earn. Affiliate Offers

This network gives a possibility to make money online for monetizing traffic on health and cosmetic products from direct advertisers all around the world. The sources could be Facebook, Google, Native, Push, Adult, whatever.

The CPA network, specializing in the Nutra vertical, includes such niches as Body Care, Amulets, Cystitis, WhiteHat, CBD, Sleep, General Health, Botox, Tummy Tuck and many others. The offers number is 2,670 offers today. Some of them are public, others you can receive only by approval.



Max X – COD – [IN]

  • Niche: Enhancement
  • Payout: $4.50
  • Model: COD (CPA)
  • Approved rate: 10.88%
  • GEO: IN


Moring Slim Free – COD – [PL]

  • Niche: Diet – Weight Loss
  • Payout: $22.00
  • Model: COD (CPA)
  • Approved rate: 19.04%
  • GEO: PL


Flexosamine – COD – [ES]

  • Niche: Joints
  • Payout: $31.00
  • Model: COD (CPA)
  • Approved rate: 31.05%
  • GEO: ES

How to start with differs from other CPA networks by a simple way of registration. This means that you do not need to be interviewed or send managers documents confirming your identity, screenshots from other platforms, etc. Your account will be verified after the registration.

Nevertheless, our small guide on how to start with the affiliate network will be useful to you, especially for beginners.


To start registering, click the Join us button on the main page of the platform.

Then you need to enter your personal data: email, create a password, create a nickname, choose a convenient messenger for communication.

The next step is to fill in the fields with information about your experience in affiliate marketing.

Note: a message with a code will be sent to your email specified during registration. This code must be entered in the form below.

Next, you will be immediately taken to the Dashboard. It means that you can get started to create campaigns.

Offers Selection

You have two ways to search for offers: through the Dashboard and an Offers section in the menu bar on the left.

However, if you’re looking for specific options, we recommend doing your search on a separate page for offers. One of the reasons is the possibility of using filters:

  • Search by name of the offer;
  • Offer type;
  • Category: WhiteHat, CBD, Joints, Sleep, Acne, Pain Relief, Mood, etc.;
  • Country: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3;
  • Commision types: CPL, CPA;
  • Availability: All, By approval.

In the general list, offers are categorized by ID, name, GEO, category, model, price, approved rate, payout, rank and action.

You can see the approval rate, which gives you an understanding where the money is flowing from the first step.

Offers Application

There are two types of offers: public and private. They can be distinguished by the color of the plus in the list of offers: private ones have a dark plus, and public ones have a blue one.

Let’s find out how to get both of them.

  • How to get public offers

To find out more details of the chosen offer, click on its name. Then a page with description, rules, advice, traffic sources and conditions will open to you.

If all the terms of the offer are suitable for you, click the Create campaign button.

Next, you will need to select:

  • Prelandings;
  • Landings;
  • Domain;
  • Traffback;
  • Conversions;
  • Marks.

The last step — click Create campaign.

  • How to get private offers

You should also go to the offer page to examine its description. Then click the Send request button.

To send a request, you need to specify the traffic source, the expected volume of leads and your message.

Statistics Tracking

An important part of tracking a promoted campaign is statistics. It can be followed in two ways:

  • There is a chart with Leads, Clicks and Finance data on the Dashboard;
  • In the Statistics section, profound data is available.

The stats can be filtered by Offer, Campaign, Landing, Prelandings, GEO, Device, Sub (1 – 5).

Also, you can choose currency, date, and columns settings:

  • Traffic: total clicks and unique, preland clicks and unique, land clicks and unique;
  • Conversion: total, hold, approved, rejected, trash;
  • Indicators: approved rate, total CTR, total CR, total EPC;
  • Finance: approved.

What is more, you can check the info by several parameters:

  • Date;
  • Time;
  • Campaign;
  • Offer;
  • Prelandings;
  • Landings;
  • GEO;
  • Device;
  • OS;
  • Browser;
  • Sub 1—5;
  • Extra monetization.

Payment Frequency and Methods

Payments vary from offer and payment system, in some cases can pay once a day. But you can’t order multiple earnings at once.

The minimum wage is $50.

The company differs from other CPA platforms by a wide range of payment methods. The accepted payment methods are:

  • Paypal — Minimum $50, commission 2%;
  • WebMoney — Minimum $50, commission 1%;
  • Capitalist — Minimum $50, commission 1%;
  • Paxum — Minimum $50, commission 1%;
  • Yandex money — Minimum $50, commission 1.5%;
  • Qiwi — Minimum $50, commission 1.5%;
  • CreditCard — Minimum $50, commission 3% (only ruble cards);
  • Wire — Minimum $200 up to $500 on top inclusive — commission on the recipient.

You can track the earnings in your private account.

As you can see in the image above, before you can promote the offers and track the stats, you need to choose a withdrawal method. Click Add payment methods and add your details to the payment method which is convenient for you.

Support Service

Each user has its personal manager with whom you can get in touch at any time. You can contact the affiliate manager via Telegram, Skype and VK. In the upper right corner in your personal account there is a photo and contacts of the manager.

If your manager doesn’t answer, you’ll have to wait a bit. The specialists from Support service do calls, some other events, and at this moment the manager can be helping someone else. He answers as soon as he is free.

Another way to contact the Support Team is the Chat Box in the bottom left corner.

Here you can not only ask your questions. In this chat, you will receive messages with useful information. For example, how to work with Push traffic, digests, profitable geos and much more.

The Support service in the Chat Box is supposed to reply in a few minutes. However, our question was not answered within twenty-four hours. Therefore, we recommend contacting your manager, as this specialist will provide you with all the necessary information faster. Features

All CPA networks strive to come up with a wide range of useful features. And is not an exception.

  • Postback

A postback is a process of sending data about an action from one platform to another (from a CPA network to a tracker or ad network, for instance).

Postback makes it easier to work with an advertising campaign, because it collects all the data in one place. This makes it easier to analyze and optimize the campaign.

You need to go to the settings in the private account and edit global postback.

Then you can go to an Instruments section to analyze traffic data of your campaigns.

  • Domain Parking

When a marketer starts the campaign and adds affiliate link, the landing page URL is blocked. One reason is that advertising platforms have already identified and labeled links offered by CPA networks as “undesirable”.

Affiliates park their domains in programs to resolve this problem and prevent further bans.

Someone else can use the domain granted by an affiliate program to start illegal ad campaigns that raise the danger of being banned. feature “Park domain” guarantees that you are the only one who can use the link.

One more significant argument is safety.

  • Toy Store

Toy Store is a bonus program. You need to drive traffic to offers, then you earn the pills (points for confirmed leads), and pick up toys or gifts.

There are some rules:

  1. Prices in the store may change depending on currency exchange rates and other reasons;
  2. GEO: the whole world;
  3. Only confirmed leads are allowed to participate in the competition;
  4. To win the award, the you must obtain the required amount of pills;
  5. You will be notified via email the week before if the conditions and/or dates of the event change.

Pros & cons

According to the information provided above, we’ve сompiled a list of pros and cons of this CPA network.


  • Affiliates do not need to provide documents or go through an interview to register — the verification process takes a few minutes;
  • There are more than 2,500 offers available in the Nutra vertical;
  • Numerous withdrawal options are available, including BTC and USDT;
  • By promoting offers, specialists earn pills that can be spent at the Toy Store;
  • There are such useful features for promotion as Global Postback and Domain Parking;
  • The CPA network is suitable both for beginners and professionals in affiliate marketing.


  • Customer service needs to be improved. Is it worth it?

Summing up all the Dr.Cash review information, we can conclude that is worth using. As you may have noticed, the platform has more pros than cons.

No matter, if you are a beginner or a professional, you can easily sign up and start working with the company; register and fill in all the necessary information about yourself and a withdrawal method.

The process of working with the platform is convenient for everyone. There is a Statistics section on leads and about visitors. With the help of the first one you can see which landings and prelandings people were on, what contact information they left, whether you received a payment. The data about visitors includes geography, device, OS, landings and prelandings. You can filter the analytics the way you want.

Is legit or a scam?

Yes, is legit. The risk of any difficulties is minimal. As users of the platform note, they always receive payments in a timely manner, without any delays.

While registering, you can be sure that the CPA platform is safe. Your data will always be protected. That is why we recommend to work with and its Nutra offers.

Conclusion is an ideal CPA network for those affiliates who focus on Nutra vertical and strives scaling up. Here you will find a wide range of public, private, exclusive offers. If you need help choosing the best conversion offers, contact your account manager and a friendly and professional expert will provide you with a list of the best options.

We hope you find our review in 2024 useful. Don’t forget to share your experience with the platform in the form below.

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