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Huffson Group Review: Affiliate Offers, Verticals, Payments

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Main info

  • 50 offers
  • $100 min payment
  • Weekly



Adult offers not available

Commission type

CPA, RevShare, Hybrid

Offer type

Payment methods

Wire Transfer, Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Tether, Skrill, Bank Card


Interview is required

Table of contents:

  1. Huffson Group Overview
  2. Verticals and Number of Offers
  3. How to Start with Huffson?
  4. Statistics Tracking
  5. Payments: Commissions, Frequency and Methods
  6. Huffson Support
  7. Features
  8. Huffson Group: Is it worth it?
  9. Get in touch

Huffson Group is an iGaming CPA network. This platform is a good choice for experienced affiliates. Cooperation with direct advertisers provides partners with top and exclusive offers.

Let’s discover what other peculiarities this affiliate network has in this Huffson Group review. 

Huffson Group Overview

Huffson is an iGaming affiliate network. The company gives advertisers and affiliates an opportunity to join the platform for free — partners no need to pay for registration.

The main specialty of this affiliate platform is a semi-private style of work. It means that affiliates need to successfully launch the first campaign to get access to the full offers’ list. To do it, you need to have a certain experience in affiliate marketing.

The Huffson Group collects offers from direct advertisers. What is more, the working conditions are individually customized for each partner as the team cares about the comfort of affiliates.

Key characteristics of the Huffson Group Affiliate Network:

  • iGaming vertical;
  • Numerous offers;
  • CPA, CPL, Hybrid, and RevShare commission types;
  • $100 minimum payout;
  • WebMoney, Tether, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Neteller, Skrill, Paxum, Credit Card, Wire Transfer payment models.

In addition to favorable terms of cooperation, Huffson Group provides affiliates with all the necessary tools. We will tell you more about the work of the platform below.

Verticals and Number of Offers

Huffson focuses mostly on iGaming verticals. You need to launch the first offer and achieve real results to get more offers. The company constantly cooperates with famous and popular brands. And each offer is a product with its own site, clear sales funnel, and decent welcome bonuses.

CPA is the most popular commission type among Huffson affiliates. Also the company considers CPM, CPA , RevShare and Hybrid types.

Huffson Group works with live reliable traffic sources. But the platform prohibits bot traffic, any kind of spam, SMS, incentive, mislead and fraud. iGaming offers convert best on FB and apps, PPC and SEO traffic. However, no one forbids affiliates to run traffic from other sources. All the allowed options are in the description of the offers.

As for GEO, the affiliate network covers almost the whole world. Some of the priority regions are Europe and Latham.

How to Start with Huffson?

To start earning with Huffson, you need to register. And then you’ll be able to choose and promote offers as well as withdraw your first commissions. Let’s have a deeper look at this process.


Click the “Register” button on the Huffson home page and choose the registration as an affiliate. Then you need to fill in the signup form that includes the name, email, Skype or Telegram, traffic source, and commentary, if you have anything to add. When the form is complete, send it for consideration by the Huffson Group partner managers. They will contact you and ask several questions about your experience in affiliate marketing. If you suit the network requirements, the registration will be finished successfully.

Note that affiliates without experience in the field are not accepted by the platform. Huffson prefers to work with professionals as there is no need to explain things like what smartlink or postback is.

Account Navigation

After registration you’ll get access to the personal account. The first page that you can see is a dashboard with statistics, payments and news.

On the left side is the main menu with the help of which you can easily manage the personal account. There are light and dark themes for comfortable use, the account is available in English and Russian.

If you’d like to change any settings of your account, click the login in the menu. You’ll be redirected to the page where you can set up contact info, change your password and global postback.

Offers Launching

  1. Open “Offers” section;
  2. Choose an offer from the list or use filters in the upper right corner of the page;
  3. Click the preferred offer to read its description, create a placement, look through creatives and landings;
  4. Contact your account manager to launch the offer.

In the beginning, affiliates have access to a small number of top offers for testing. The rest will become available only after a successful run. At the same time, after the test, each affiliate is suggested individual conditions depending on what traffic, GEO and offer are promoted. If the result is successful, an affiliate manager can offer more competitive terms of cooperation.

Statistics Tracking

After launching any offer, an important step is to track the effectiveness of the promotion. For this purpose, the affiliate can use statistical data in the dashboard or in a separate “Statistics” section.

On the main page of the account is a summary of the work with the CPA network. You can view statistics for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 2 weeks or a month. In the statistics section, data about each individual offer, site, or GEO is available. Actual data on clicks, registrations, profits and sites are presented. The results can be filtered by different OS, devices or ATP.

Payments: Commissions, Frequency and Methods

Huffson set the payment frequency: once a week. At the same time, you have the opportunity to discuss individual payment periods with your personal manager.

The accepted payment methods are:

  • WebMoney;
  • Tether;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Capitalist;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Paxum;
  • Credit Card;
  • Wire Transfer.

To withdraw your Huffson earnings, it’s necessary to complete a minimum payout of $100.

According to the FAQ section of the affiliate network, each offer has a hold period. Usually it takes from 7 to 14 days. For trusted affiliates, the hold period can be reduced or even canceled at all.

Huffson Support

The Huffson team pays attention to each partner. Despite the description in the offer card that each affiliate should be acquainted with, managers once again chat about the peculiarities of launching a campaign for the chosen brand and warn about situations in which traffic may not be paid.

There is a FAQ section in the private account. The questions include:

  • How to setup integration?
  • Can’t find a proper template in Keitaro/Binom/PeerClick/AdsBridge/OctoTracker. What parameters are required to set a PostBack?
  • Can I set a Global PostBack?
  • What is ATP?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, contact the personal manager.


This is a crucial part of any CPA network, and Huffson is not an exception. There are such features as:

  • Global Postback: You can set a Global PostBack in your affiliate account by clicking on your username in the menu. Global PostBack will be automatically inserted when creating a new integration. The feature installed earlier on integrations will continue to work and will not change to Global;

  • Smartlinks: This feature acts as a centralized URL that analyzes the user’s device, location, language, age, and other relevant factors to determine the most suitable offer to display. But note that Huffson allows you to use it on request;

  • ATP: It is an Additional Tracking Parameter. This tool adds extra campaign details and unique identifiers to every link within your campaign. ATP serves the purpose of gathering data for future analysis and evaluation;

  • Antifraud: Huffson has its own verification system which analyzes conversions received from affiliate marketers. It also has the ability to reject conversions (do not count): multiplayer accounts, test conversions, and fraud.

Pros & cons

Looking through all the Huffson details, let’s complete lists of pros and cons.


  • Unique offers from direct advertisers;
  • Availability of offers without a hold period;
  • Customized terms and conditions for each affiliate after a test traffic run;
  • Up-to-date promotional materials that can be prepared upon request;
  • Modern and user-friendly interface with easy statistics tracking;
  • Wide range of payment methods.


  • The full list of offers is available only after the first successful launch;
  • Complicated registration requires you to prove the experience in affiliate marketing.

Huffson Group: Is it worth it?

Analyzing the platform as well as reviews from affiliates who have worked with it, we can conclude that Huffson Group is legit. The company complies with its rules and allows affiliates to withdraw their earnings on a weekly basis.

Also, Huffson is safe. The company cares about the security of both affiliate and advertiser data. For example, it is impossible to see the full list of offers without a test run of a campaign.
It’s worth noting at the Huffson review that the affiliate managers are always willing to help affiliates. They select offers, suggest which GEO to promote them on, etc. At the same time, the CPA network does not like to deal with newbies, so it will not be possible to register without experience proofs in the sphere.


Huffson is worth the attention of affiliates. The semi-private style of business protects advertisers from newcomers and unscrupulous affiliates. Therefore, the CPA network belongs to the group of platforms for partners with a serious approach. You won’t find many offers anywhere else, and the support will allow you to get profits quickly.

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