Social media Affiliate Network Review: Pros & Cons, Top Affiliate Offers

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Main info

  • 10 offers
  • $100 min payment
  • Monthly


Betting Crypto Gambling Games Casino

Adult offers not available

Commission type

CPA, CPI, RevShare

Offer type


Payment methods

Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Crypto


Easy registration

Table of contents:

  1. Affiliate Network Overview
  2. History of The Affiliate Marketing Network
  3. Offers and Verticals
  4. Offer.One: How to start?
  5. Payment Methods, Frequency, Commissions
  6. Statistics
  7. Features
  8. Support Team
  9. Is it Worth It in 2024?

In 2023, one more CPA network in affiliate marketing was created. We suggest you get acquainted with the affiliate network that specializes in Crypto vertical. Let’s discover its features together, highlight the pros and cons, and summarize whether it’s worth it. Affiliate Network Overview is a crypto CPA network that covers the needs of advertisers and affiliates. The platform was created with the help of Affise — a software designed for partner marketing, catering to networks, advertisers, and agencies seeking efficient management of their affiliate networks. It helps to monitor the traffic, and optimize effectively your overall performance. So, the CPA network provides affiliates with a wide range of services, including such features as Smartlinks, Domain tracking, API, etc.

Joining, you get numerous advantages. They are exclusive offers from direct advertisers, highest payouts in the market with commissions up to 70% and dedicated support team that is always ready to solve your issues.

By the way, this is the CPA network that is easy to register. You don’t need to pass a complicated way filling several forms, providing ID or screenshots to confirm your experience. In a few minutes you will get access to the personal account.

History of The Affiliate Marketing Network CPA network was created in 2023. The team’s goal was to create an affiliate platform only with unique offers that are more interesting to affiliates.

Gambling, Crypto, Gaming, Betting were chosen as the main verticals. The company has a lot of experience with these verticals — its managers work from 4 to 8 years in Crypto and Gaming industries.

Offers and Verticals

As we’ve already mentioned, is a crypto affiliate network. Also, the company operates in such “evergreen” verticals as Gambling, Crypto, Gaming, Betting. The profitability of these niches continues to rise year after year, that is why the verticals are in demand among affiliate marketers.

The offers number is 10. These offers you are unlikely to find on other platforms, as they are exclusive from direct advertisers, which team selected personally. A multitude of the offers welcomes traffic from various countries worldwide, providing affiliates with an opportunity to engage with a diverse global audience. What is more, marketers get access to a wide array of advertising materials and dynamic creatives, alleviating the burden of creating their own content.

Top Affiliate Offers

In this review, we can’t but consider the top 3 offers:


Crypto, Games

RollerCoin | CPL

  • GEOs: AR, BR, CA, DK, EC, SV, FR, etc.
  • Restrictions: No doorways, context ad, click under/pop under, rebrokering, incent traffic
  • Hold: 30 days
  • Payouts: $2.00



  • GEOs: TR, BG, PL, DE, IE, CZ, CA, BR, etc.
  • Restrictions: No doorways, rebrokering, incent traffic
  • Hold: 30 days
  • Payouts: €90.00

Crypto, Exchanges


  • GEOs: All, except AS, AT, BD, BY, CA, CN, etc.
  • Restrictions: No doorways, social networks, emailing, click under/pop under, rebrokering, incent traffic
  • Hold: 60 days
  • Payouts: 50%

Offer.One: How to start?

Interested in this CPA network? Then let’s look at how to register and what the nuances are.

Sign Up

Open the homepage and choose how you want to register:

  • as an advertiser, click “Promote”;
  • as an affiliate, click “Monetize”.

Note: In this review, we consider working with this CPA network from the affiliate side.

Then you need to fill in the info about yourself: name, email and contacts. Unlike many other CPA networks, registration in is very simple and does not require you to provide information about your experience.

Next, you’ll get a confirmation link in your email. If everything is done correctly, you will also receive a password for your account. To change the password created by the platform, go to your account settings.

Personal Account Navigation

In a personal account, the main page is the dashboard. Here you will find the contacts of your personal manager, information about payouts, statistics, and a list of new offers.

On the left side is the main menu. Here you will find such sections as:

  • Offers;
  • Smartlinks;
  • Statistics;
  • Payments;
  • News;
  • Mobile attribution;
  • API;
  • Support.

If you need help, you can click “How to use it?” in the upper right corner of the dashboard. And you’ll be directed to the Help section with useful articles created by Affise.

To get to your account settings, hover over your email in the top right corner and select “Settings”.

Getting Offers

Offers are divided into 3 groups: all, available and live. To select an offer, of course, you must select the “all” tab. As you remember, there are 10 exclusive offers now.  

There are filters for easy searching:

  • By name (if you are looking for a specific offerer);
  • By vertical: Games, Crypto, NFT, Exchanges, Casino, Extension;
  • By country.

Offers are presented in a list, with the main information in the description. These are name, vertical, CR, EPC, payouts, countries. Once you have selected an offer, you can click the “Get link” button. This will take you to the page of the specific offer, where you can read the description of the company, find out what it suggests, find creatives, view the allowed traffic sources and other information.

Affise provides you with the opportunity to set up the tracking domains and add Global Postback. Just scroll down the page with the offer’s description, and you’ll find all the info.

Payment Methods, Frequency, Commissions

What can we tell you about payouts and payment frequency? As we’ve already mentioned, the accepted payment methods are:

  • Crypto;
  • Bank;
  • Wire Transfer.

Compared to other CPA networks, the choice of payment methods is rather small. But there is one modern way — Crypto. Over all, in the near future affiliates would like to see more withdrawal options. suggests offers with high payouts and up to 70% affiliate commissions in CPA, CPI, RevShare commission types. Affiliates can withdraw once a month. In order to receive payments and access the payment details, it is necessary to establish the settings within your Affiliate panel.

Here are the steps to add a payment system:

  1. Go to the upper-right corner of the panel and click on Profile, then select Settings;
  2. Go to the Payment system tab;
  3. Click on the button “Add payment system”;
  4. Choose the desired payment method from the options available;
  5. Select the currency;
  6. Fill in any additional fields, if required;
  7. Click the “Add payment system” button;
  8. Save your changes.

Now you’ll definitely be able to promote offers and track commissions. In the Payments section, affiliates can find the payments details:

  • Payment comment;
  • Period of time for which the system counts the conversions;
  • Revenue;
  • Your payment wallet;
  • Payment status;
  • Declined payments;
  • Pending payments;
  • Partly paid payments;
  • Completed payments;
  • Wait payment.

You may check your balance on the Dashboard. The balance represents the money that your manager is obligated to pay you for conversions that have been approved, put on hold, or are currently pending. Statistics

Affiliate marketers can track the stats on the Dashboard. And if you need to check more data, click “Statistics” on the menu that is divided by:

  • Daily;
  • Conversions;
  • Offers;
  • Smartlinks;
  • Browsers;
  • OS;
  • Devices;
  • Countries;
  • Cities;
  • Sub1-8;
  • Goals;
  • Events;
  • Advanced Events;
  • Mobile ISP.

Such detailed statistics allows affiliates to track every little detail, which in turn helps to determine the reasons for the failure of a particular campaign. Features

The following features are available to affiliates:

  • Smartlinks: The smartlink is a link that encompasses multiple offers. When traffic is directed towards the smartlink, it automatically redirects to the most appropriate offer based on factors such as geographic location, operating system, and other criteria. This algorithm analyzes user data and various information to make a decision, resulting in the user being directed to an offer with the highest likelihood of conversion;

  • Tracking Domains: is created on the base of the Affise platform, providing affiliates with the capability to track domains. Through the tracking domains feature, you can incorporate additional domains. These domains are specifically intended to track the Affise links you use for directing clicks to advertisers. Using a customized tracking domain, you have the opportunity to include your brand name within it;

  • API: With Affise, you have the convenience of managing your postback links and pixel codes through the API, offering time-saving benefits while establishing S2S and C2S integrations. Support Team

Each affiliate is assigned a personal manager who will help solve any issue. The manager’s contacts can be found on the dashboard in the personal account. As a rule, an email address is indicated there. But as we noticed, the platform lacks communication with managers via messengers (Telegram, Skype) or Chat Box for a quick response.

You can also solve a serious problem through the ticket system in the Support section. You need to click the “Create ticket” button, select the type of your issue, enter a title, describe the problem, attach screenshots if necessary and send the request. Support team will review the issue and get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Pros & cons

There are advantages and disadvantages of CPA network:


  • Exclusive offers from direct advertisers;
  • Evergreen niches (Gambling, Crypto, Gaming, Betting);
  • Easy registration;
  • Worldwide GEOs;
  • Guaranteed payouts on a regular basis;
  • A wide range of advertising materials and creatives;
  • Affiliate-friendly interface of the platform.


  • Only 2 ways to contact support;
  • Only 3 payment methods to withdraw earnings. Is it Worth It in 2024?

To summarize, we can say that is a young and prospective affiliate network. This is a safe CPA platform that gives affiliates the opportunity to earn up to 70% of commissions from promoting exclusive offers. It is a legit network. regularly pays its affiliates, and suggests modern ways to withdraw money via crypto. operates in “evergreen” verticals such as Gambling, Crypto, Gaming, Betting. These niches are widely recognized as lucrative verticals in affiliate marketing. Their profitability continues to rise steadily year after year. This growth can be attributed to the overall improvement in people’s lifestyles and the inherent human inclination to seek rewards without significant exertion. What is more, these verticals are suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Joining this affiliate network is a possibility to work with a modern platform with useful features. Affiliates have access to tools such as Smartlinks, Domain Tracking, API. For beginners who haven’t used these features before, there are a number of useful materials on how to use tools in promoting offers. You can also contact support for help at any time.

Conclusion is a young, but fast-growing affiliate network. It’s worth trying to run exclusive offers in order to estimate and compare results with other platforms. Despite the small number of offers at the moment, the platform has every chance to become one of the best affiliate programs in the market. But you can only find out if this is true by personally testing all the features of By the way, you can share your review of this CRA network with us below.

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