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Perform[cb] Review: Pros & Cons of the Affiliate Network

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Main info

  • 500 offers
  • $50 min payment
  • Weekly


Adult Apps Dating Mobile

Adult offers available

Commission type


Offer type


Payment methods

PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Capitalist, ACH, Check, Wire transfer


Interview is required

Table of contents:

  1. Perform[cb] Overview
  2. History
  3. Perform[cb] Verticals and Offers
  4. How to Start With Perform[cb]
  5. Statistics Tracking
  6. Perform[cb] Payments
  7. Perform[cb] Features
  8. Support
  9. Perform[cb]: Is it worth it?

Perform[cb] is considered as # 1 CPA Network worldwide and Affiliate Marketing agency, both focused on attracting quality customers who are looking to scale. The company helps to reach specific marketing goals of users, paying when the outcome is achieved.

As a CPA network, the company is used by advertisers and affiliates. But this Perform[cb] review is your possibility to know more about the platform for affiliate marketers. Let’s look into TOP offers and verticals, payment system, features and answer the main question: is it worth using or not?

Perform[cb] Overview

With a multi-channel strategy, Perform[cb]’s Outcome Engine and affiliate management team develop strategic plans personalized to each client’s unique marketing objectives. The company enables clients to maximize the return on their advertising investments by spending money on high-quality customer outcomes. It means that advertisers can reach the right customers and maximize ROI, and affiliates can promote campaigns and maximize ROI, too.

The company uses a pay-for-performance business model to enable marketers to attract new customers through additional digital channels. Perform[cb] specializes in CPA commission type. It stands for “Cost-Per-Action/Acquisition” and means that affiliate marketers receive their commission when customers carry out actions: fill the form, make a purchase or register on the website. Moreover, the company suggests offers with other campaign types:

  • CPC (Cost-Per-Click);
  • CPI (Cost-Per-Install);
  • CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement);
  • CPL (Cost-Per-Lead);
  • CPS (Cost-Per-Sale);
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

This is an innovative CPA platform. In 2015, the company created its own tracking platform, which allows improving the interaction of affiliates with advertisers’ offers — the platform provides users with real-time reporting. Developers are also integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, the entire platform is built on the basis of an advanced AI algorithm.

Perform[cb] has been repeatedly recognized as the number #1 Cost-Per-Action Network “Worldwide” by mThink’s Blue Book, a Top App Marketing Company and Top User Acquisition Company by Business of Apps, and a Top App Install Platform by AppsFlyer.


Nowadays, we know Perform[cb] as an ad and CPA network. However, the company was originally founded in 2002 in the US, known as Clickbooth. It was a performance marketing agency with a comprehensive strategy. But later the company began to develop in affiliate marketing. 

Since then, the company has overcome a long way, and gained a lot of experience, which as a result led it to Perform[cb] — a leader in the affiliate marketing industry.

Perform[cb] Verticals and Offers

Perform[cb] is known as a CPA network which works with diverse niches:

  • Downloads & Software;
  • Men’s Health;
  • E-Commerce;
  • Weight Loss;
  • Home Services;
  • Apps;
  • Beauty;
  • Dating;
  • CBD;
  • Gaming/Gambling;
  • Sweeps and so on.

The active offers number is 500+. But also, there are apply-to-run offers, pending, inactive and paused options. That is why the total number of offers is more than 1500. What is more, the offers have no analogues in the field.

The CPA network accepts different traffic sources including in-app, mobile web, display, social (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat), email, search, contextual, survey, and SMS. But each offer has restrictions. We recommend you to look through it carefully.

TOP Verticals

After registering and logging into a personal account, the platform offers each specialist to consider the best offers by verticals, new & noteworthy, traffic type, as well as recommended and exclusive:


Downloads & Software

(ATR) McAfee+ Premium – Individual – 1 year Cart Page – US – CPS

  • Main conversion: $70.00
  • GEO: United States
  • Allowed traffic types: Contextual, Display, Social, Survey

Men’s Health

*EXCL* CobraX Men’s Health Gummies – US – Fire Page – CPS

  • Main conversion: $48.00
  • GEO: United States
  • Allowed traffic types: Contextual, Display, Search, Social, Survey, SMS


EsaverWatt Energy Saver – US, CA, CR, MX – CPS

  • Main conversion: $65.00
  • GEO: United States, Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico
  • Allowed traffic types: Contextual, Display, Search, Social, Survey, SMS

How to Start With Perform[cb]

In this Perform[cb] review, you can find our small guide on how to start at square one with this CPA network.

Step 1. Sign up

To start the registration, go to the affiliates page.

Then click Apply to an Affiliate.

When registering, you need to fill in all the required fields:

  • Contact info;
  • Promotional info.

Note: To speed up the approval process, answer the questions in detail, do not lie.

Then your application will be sent for consideration. It takes several business days, that is why you can’t receive an access right away.

A manager can also contact you to clarify details, for example, your real work experience within the affiliate marketing.

As soon as the verification is completed, a confirmation will be sent to the email, including a guide with an overview of Perform[cb].

If your application is not approved, you will also receive a notification by email. The company does not name the reasons for the refusal of registration at the moment, due to the heavy workload of the platform.

Step 2. Browse Campaigns

After logging into your personal account, you can immediately start viewing offers. You can find the top offers on the Dashboard.

Also, all offers are available in the Campaigns section.

To find a suitable offer, you can filter all the options by:

  • Status: active, apply to run, pending, inactive, paused;
  • Country: US, AD, AR, AM, BD, BE, CN, EG, GE, DE, HN, etc.;
  • Device: desktop, mobile, tablet;
  • Traffic Type: all types or media buy, display, search, social, survey, etc.;
  • Vertical: Apps, Asian Dating, Auto Insurance, Beauty, Casual Dating, CBD, E-Commerce, Gaming/Gambling, etc.;
  • Campaign Type: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPE, CPL, CPS, PPC;
  • Operating Systems: iOS, Android.

Step 3. Get the Offer

The next step, after you have found a suitable offer, is to receive it. Click on the selected option to read its description and restrictions.

Note: each offer has its own restrictions.

After reading the information, click on Request Approval.

Next, you need to fill out the form and submit the request.

As for creatives, they are loaded directly into offers, so you can simply download them and use it in your campaigns. Most creatives are loaded into the offer card, and you can choose between different landing pages for one offer.

Note: some offers require you to submit your creatives for approval before launching a campaign.

Statistics Tracking

After you launch the first campaign, you will be able to start tracking statistics in real time. To do this, you need to go to the Reports section.

You can track the statistics by:

  • Daily;
  • Campaigns;
  • Links;
  • Subids;
  • Clicks & Conversions;
  • Mobile clicks.

Note: The clicks and conversions report provides you with detailed info about the traffic. Due to the large amount of data, the process of transferring them to email can take up to several hours. If you need to view information older than 90 days, please contact your partner’s manager.

Perform[cb] Payments

The CPA network offers a rather flexible payment frequency. You can choose a weekly option or a default net-30 days. The minimum payment threshold is $50. Invoices do not need to be approved.

The accepted payment methods are:

  • ACH;
  • Wire;
  • Paxum;
  • Capitalist;
  • PayPal;
  • Check.

However, if you would like to choose an alternative payment method, you can contact your account manager.

Perform[cb] Features

In this Perform[cb] review, we can not omit useful features. The CPA network offers affiliates various additional features that make their work easier and more productive.

Mobile App

The company has launched a mobile application. Now you can access Perform[cb] On-The-Go for quick performance updates, tempo adjustments, and live communication with your account manager.

The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android.


PerformLEAP is a proprietary platform of Perform[cb], which was launched in 2015. This technology is full of features that allow users to automate their business, and is an ever-evolving ecosystem with regular feature releases and updates.


For the company, it’s really important to ensure that its clients, who are already working with a tracking platform, have easy access to PerformLEAPs powerful campaign reporting and documentation. To accomplish this, the PerformLEAP API was created. It can be seamlessly integrated into the affiliate’s existing platform for tracking, with two versions of API available: JSON and XML. 

API integration allows affiliates to leverage PerformLEAPs full suite of features and reporting in addition to running their desktop and mobile offers on their existing platform.

By integrating with PerformLEAPs API, the affiliates have the ability to automate their campaign setups, pauses and change rates, producing a more efficient and powerful workflow.

Custom Domains

Perform[cb] provides partners with a custom domain that allows to have your own unique domain reserved just for you. This often leads to increased productivity because it helps protect your traffic and domain reputation, which leads to increased revenue.

This feature allows affiliates to add their own domain to CPA network, where unique Name Server records are returned to you so that you point this domain to Perform[cb] servers. Setup takes only a few minutes.


If you need help, you can contact your personal affiliate manager. A specialist is attached to each user. When registering, it is a temporary person, and after confirming the account, i.e. receiving the first earnings, it changes to permanent manager.

You can contact the Support Service via email. The contact info you will find on the dashboard or in the main menu.

Pros & cons

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Perform[cb]. After studying all the pros and cons, you will be able to determine whether the CPA network is suitable for you.


  • 500+ offers;
  • Multiple verticals such as Men’s Health, E-Commerce, Weight Loss, Beauty, Dating, Gaming/Gambling, etc.;
  • Own platform for tracking the statistics with detailed info;
  • $50,00 withdrawal threshold;
  • Automatic platform;
  • Diverse features for affiliates;
  • Mobile app;
  • Dedicated personal managers;
  • Guides for beginners.


  • The reasons for refusal of registration are not explained;
  • The platform may be a little bit complicated for beginners.

Perform[cb]: Is it worth it?

Before you start working with the CPA network, it is important to know whether the platform is worth it. After reviewing Perform[cb], we can conclude that this affiliate network is great for marketers. It is safe and is legit as the company takes care about your business like its own.

As we’ve already said, the company was founded in 2002. Over 20 years of existence, the CPA network has gained enough experience in the field of affiliate marketing and now provides marketers with high-quality service and thousands of curated offers. These facts are confirmed by numerous awards. Therefore, affiliates can safely choose Perform[cb] for promotion.

In addition, the support team always comes to help users. The specialists answer all questions, as well as help in solving complex problems. During our test of the platform, no claims on the service were found.


Perform[cb] is the number 1 CPA network created by the team of industry experts. The company strives to establish long-term relations with affiliate partners, suggesting TOP offers in the market.

It’s one of the best platforms to grow your income. Perform[cb] earnings depend only on your experience and desire to develop as a specialist, there are no restrictions. Try, test offers, and then you will understand whether this CPA network is right for you.

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