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Trafee Affiliate Network Review: Payouts, Verticals, Features

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Main info

  • 4.000 offers
  • $100 min payment
  • Weekly


Adult Dating Gambling Sweepstakes

Adult offers available

Commission type

CPA, CPL, CPS, RevShare

Offer type


Payment methods

PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney, QiWi, USDT


Interview is required

Table of contents:

  1. Trafee Overview
  2. Trafee History
  3. Trafee Offers and Verticals
  4. How to Start With Trafee?
  5. Trafee Payments: Methods, Withdrawal Frequency
  6. Trafee Statistics
  7. Affiliates Features
  8. Support Service
  9. Trafee: Is it worth it?

Let’s take a look at the Trafee CPA network. In this Trafee review you’ll find the key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of Trafee as well as understand how the platform works. At the end of reading the review, you will be able to understand if you should use this CPA network to increase your conversion rates.

Trafee Overview

Trafee is a CPA affiliate network with a specific focus on the Adult Dating and iGaming verticals. The SmartLink system is fully optimized and powered by artificial intelligence. It allows affiliates to maximize the profits without hassle. SmartLink gathers several offers into one link, and depending on GEO, age and other user parameters shows the direct, top and exclusive offers for all verticals.

As the platform’s owners claim, it primarily collaborates with experienced affiliate marketers. It means that affiliates should be prepared to furnish details regarding their traffic sources, preferred GEOs, as well as statistics from other CPA networks.

Trafee is powered by the Ucliq platform, which is a unique development of the company. It is an affiliate marketing tracking software designed to provide affiliate professionals, CPA networks and businesses with the ability to intelligently manage and grow their affiliate business.

Also, Trafee suggests:

  • Any devices: Possibility to optimize smartlinks for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Smart TV;
  • A variety of withdrawal options: 8 payment methods;
  • Personal domains: Domains are used to generate tracking links that send traffic to offers and smartlinks;
  • Wide GEOs: The direct offers and smartlinks are active in 100+ GEOs and 20+ languages;
  • Dedicated support: Personal affiliate managers are available 24/7.

This CPA network allows affiliates to get paid weekly when they reach a minimum amount of $100. Marketers can choose between the PPS, PPL, and RevShare commission types.

Trafee History

Trafee CPA was founded in 2017, and the team has over 15 years of experience in developing and supporting high-performance traffic management systems.

It all started with a small group of marketing and technology professionals passionate about finding new ways to monetize traffic. Since then, the company has grown into a large affiliate network with over 4,000 offers.

Trafee Offers and Verticals

The Trafee CPA network works with Gambling, Adult, Dating, Cams, and Sweepstakes. The total offers number provided by the platform is 4,000. The list of offers is regularly updated with direct and exclusive offers.

The platform doesn’t allow the use of incentive traffic, sms traffic and traffic considered fraudulent. As Trafee is legit, traffic from illegal porn sites/porn sites containing animals or minors is also prohibited.



LocalFlirt DOI

  • GEO: US
  • Payment model: PPL
  • Payouts:$7
  • Devices: All


Casino Maxi CPA

  • GEO: TR
  • Payment model: PPS
  • Payouts:$35
  • Devices: Mobile


Melbet CPA

  • GEO: IN
  • Payment model: PPL
  • Payouts:$30
  • Devices: Mobile

How to Start With Trafee?

In this Trafee review, we would like to tell you how to start: from registration to launching an offer. Also the info about dashboard navigation will be useful.

Sing Up Process

Trafee refers to CPA networks with easy registration. This means that you are required to fill out a simple form entering the following data:

  • Email;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Messenger (Skype, Jabber, Telegram, ICQ, Email).

Then just click the “Sign Up” button and go to your email to confirm the registration. After this, your account will be created.

So, after the account is approved, you first get access to the demo version of the website, and then you need to request full access to the platform from the manager to use all its features. The manager will ask you for information about your experience in affiliate marketing. Generally, the questions could be as follows:

  • What type of traffic do you have?
  • Which verticals do you run?
  • What other verticals would you like to run with Trafee?
  • Are you a team player or solo performer?
  • How long have you been working in the industry?
  • What’s your earning per month?
  • How did you find out about Trafee?

The final step is to submit your statistics from other CPA networks. This is mandatory, you must provide information for the last 30 days. Without statistics you will not be authorized by the platform and will not get full access to Trafee.

Personal Account Navigation

In the personal account, you will immediately see a dashboard where statistics on clicks and conversions, revenue and current balance are located as well as summary performance for the last 30 days, news.

At the top of the screen are notifications of new blog posts, messages from support, balance, language, general settings and an exit button.

There is a handy menu on the left side. With its help you can go to smartlinks, offers, reports, conversions, balance, payments, domains, news, support, settings or go back to the dashboard by one click.

Run an Offer

Go to the offers section. On this screen, you will find a list of accessible smart-offers, along with live offers and those that have already been requested. You have the option to view, launch, archive, and display reports for these offers.

To find the right offerer, you can use filters. These are the name of the offer (if you are looking for something specific), countries, devices and status.

You can also choose an offer simply by clicking through the list. For this purpose, each of them has a brief description:

  • Offer category — describes the offer vertical;

  • Offer type — an option for the offer that suggests working with or without a pre-lander;

  • Payout type — describes how the advertiser pays for conversions (for leads, for sales, RevShare, etc.);

  • Payout rate — the estimated amount of payout for the conversion. May differ from the specified one depending on the criteria of the advertiser;

  • Daily limit — the maximum payout per offer per day;

  • GEO — countries where traffic is coming from. Traffic from countries not specified in the offer parameters may not be paid or paid at reduced rates. Regular violations of this parameter can lead to the publisher’s account ban;

  • Device type — devices from which traffic is sent. Traffic from unspecified devices may not be paid, or paid at reduced rates;

  • Platform — additional restrictions for offers by platform type.

Offers are divided into 2 groups: available and on-request. You can launch available offers at once, and to get on-request offers, you need to contact your affiliate manager and ask for an approval.

Trafee Payments: Methods, Withdrawal Frequency

Affiliate marketers can track their payments in the corresponding section. First, you need to select the period of time for which you want to see the payment statistics. Then you will be able to organize your data using several parameters such as date range, method, note, amount, commission, status and actions. To select a different period of time, press the “Refresh” button.

What concerns withdrawals, there are some standard rules:

  • The minimum payout to withdraw your Trafee earnings is $100;

  • The payment frequency is weekly, every Tuesday during the day;

  • The accepted payment methods are WebMoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Qiwi, PayPal, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT.

Also, there are some reasons why your payment are not generated:

  • Your payment details were added too late;

  • You didn’t reach the minimum payment amount before the 00:00 on Monday;

  • The payment to your account is on hold;

  • Commissions of your payment system (PayPal 5%, Paxum 1%, Bitcoin 4%). If you reach 100$ and choose a payment method PayPal net of commission deduction you will have only 95$ on your account balance which isn’t enough to generate an automatic payment.

So we recommend monitoring your payouts regularly to keep up to date with holds, pendings, etc.

Trafee Statistics

In this section of the Trafee platform, affiliates can access performance insights derived from data analysis. The CPA network provides filter systems that allow you to generate and organize data based on criteria such as GEO, device type, and calendar period.

There are three distinct report types available:

  • Summary report: It presents financials, key performance indicators (KPIs), and traffic metrics;

  • Revenue report: It provides a comprehensive breakdown of the financial aspects related to the publisher’s work;

  • Referral report: It focuses on the performance of referrals made by the publisher.

Affiliates Features

As a CPA network, Trafee gives an opportunity to use several features for successful offers promotion.


Smartlinks can have one of the following statuses:

  • Live: Vertical already has live smartlink;
  • Available or ready to launch: you can launch a smartlink for a vertical;
  • On-Request: smartlink can be requested, pending approval by the manager.

Each vertical is shown with a list of available actions:

  • Launch: Launch a new smartlink using the selected vertical;
  • Request: Request to launch a new smartlink, pending approval by the manager;
  • View: View live smartlinks, active on the selected vertical.

The affiliate may only launch or request one smartlink per vertical. If there is a need to have more than one active optimization smartlink on the vertical (another traffic type, or other reason), it may be done by requesting it from the manager.


Postbacks are server protocols that send conversion information to the affiliate’s system through an HTTP-GET request. There are two levels of postback settings:

  • General postback: This setting is used when marketer postbacks for smartlinks and offers have not been configured;
  • Custom postbacks: These postbacks are specifically configured for each smartlink and offer.


Domains, including proxy domains, are used for tracking links that direct traffic to offers and smartlinks. Trafee provides some domains automatically for selected verticals. You can view registered domains, add new ones, check domain status, and delete them. To create a domain, a CNAME record is required on the DNS server. The platform supports third-level domains and below. Affiliates can check domain efficiency and delete unused domains. Active smartlinks and offers must be updated before deleting a domain.


Trafee enables users to drive referrals by providing them with a unique referral link. Referral links are URLs that direct users to specific online resources and contain the partner’s unique identifier. The network’s parameters determine the referral commission, typically set at 5% of the earnings generated by the referred user. However, managers may have the discretion to adjust the commission amount in collaboration with the publisher.

By sharing your referral link, potential prospects can sign up and become referrals under your account. The window also displays the number of registered referral accounts.

Support Service

As we’ve already mentioned, you need to contact the support team in order to activate your personal account. On the left side of the menu you will find the email address of the support service. There is also a “Message us” button on the right side of the screen, which opens Live Chat with affiliate managers.

Trafee mostly cooperates with experienced affiliates. But if you are a beginner, you can also try to join. Affiliate managers help newcomers to optimize their companies for maximum results. The support team helps with everything from setting up SmartLink and familiarizing yourself with the latest offers, to fine launching campaigns.

In the support section of the platform, affiliates can access FAQs. The FAQ tab provides answers to commonly asked questions, offering detailed explanations for most inquiries.

There is also a Trafee Blog, which contains case studies and reviews.

Pros & cons

We’ve identified the main pros and cons of the Trafee CPA network.


  • 4,000 offers;
  • 100+ countries;
  • Fully automated smartlink system;
  • AI-targeting;
  • Free and quick registration;
  • User-friendly platform.


  • Verification process to get full access to the platform;
  • Mostly for experienced marketing partners.

Trafee: Is it worth it?

Trafee is a compelling CPA network for affiliates.

First of all, the platform provides 4,000 in-house and exclusive offers in several verticals: Adult Dating, Cams, Adult Games, Gambling, Sweepstakes. It’s not enough to simply sign up to get access to these offers. It is necessary to be verified by affiliate managers, and then send a request to promote it. This approach shows that Trafee is safe. It takes care of the interests of both affiliates and advertisers.

Secondly, the platform is based on Ucliq. This an affiliate marketing tracking software provides marketers with the ability to intelligently manage and grow their business.


Trafee stands out as a powerful affiliate marketing platform that offers a range of innovative features to help marketers maximize their earning potential. With its user-friendly interface, advanced targeting options, and extensive selection of high-converting offers, Trafee provides an efficient experience for experienced marketers as well as for affiliates with a small expertise.

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