10 Best Blog Sites for Affiliate Marketing in 2024

Veranika Minina 27 May 2024 Beginners Top Blogs

Table of contents:

  1. How Can You Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Why Should You Follow Affiliate Marketing Blogging Platforms?
  3. 10 Best Blog Sites for Affiliate Marketing

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest affiliate marketing strategies and insights is crucial for success. As the affiliate marketing industry continues to thrive, numerous blogs have emerged, providing valuable resources, tips, and case studies to help both beginners and seasoned professionals excel in this field.

In this article, we will explore the best blog sites for affiliate marketing in 2024, highlighting their unique features, the quality of their content, and the valuable insights they offer.

How Can You Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easy ways to start earning money online by promoting offers. And you don’t have to take courses to do it. You can start by studying publicly available information on the Internet, such as watching videos or reading articles on the topic.

Today, many affiliate networks create blogs on their resources, in which they share their observations, trends and just give information about basic concepts. Also, when registering, newcomers are offered guides on how to use the affiliate network and promote affiliate offers. What is more, many resources are emerging that focus on a particular topic, such as AllCPANetworks and AllPushNetworks. These resources are also useful to choose the best 10 CPA networks for beginners or top ad networks for affiliates.

Why Should You Follow Affiliate Marketing Blogging Platforms?

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or an experienced professional, it is crucial to read about this field. This is because the industry is constantly changing and progressing, offering new opportunities to expand your knowledge. With the introduction of new tools and the emergence of different strategies, staying informed becomes essential.

Moreover, the authors of these blogs possess personal experience in the topics they write about, providing valuable insights. Whether you want to increase traffic volumes, building an effective email list, or developing working creatives, reading these blogs can enhance your understanding.

By regularly following and implementing the advice shared in these blogs, you have the potential to boost your revenue and achieve better outcomes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to add studying affiliate blogs and learning how to generate passive income through affiliate marketing into your daily routine.

10 Best Blog Sites for Affiliate Marketing

Before you start reading useful articles, you need to find sources with quality and truthful information. We have collected for you the top 10 blogs for affiliates.

1. RichAds Blog

First of all, RichAds is an advertising network. And this platform is also the best blog dedicated to affiliate marketing in general. The company has a team of proficient writers and industry experts that provide a range of informative articles like guides on setting up effective ad campaigns in a variety of niches like Gambling, Betting, etc., where everything from creatives to optimization is explained. There are also guides on the best GEOs for launching campaigns. So the information shared on the blog has undergone thorough verification by the team.

Also, the blog covers the latest trends in affiliate marketing and highlights new features introduced in RichAds. Also, the blog constantly publishes case studies, interviews with experts, columns with the best converting GEOs and verticals of the month. There is an affiliate marketing glossary that helps beginners to learn some terms: advertising network, baseline, CPA offer, etc.

Moreover, you can find FAQ sections and webinars, where experts share insights on the most recent trends and effective strategies. By subscribing to their YouTube channel, you can access a variety of regularly published videos for further information and updates. 

Articles to read:

2. Yellana

Yellana is an affiliate network that also provides affiliates with useful articles, guides, case studies, and other materials. One of the benefits of the blog is that you can read articles about the best offer of the week that tested the inner media buying. By regularly checking the blog, you gain access to a curated selection of top-performing offers, ensuring that you’re always ahead of the competition.

Yellana’s blog is a treasure trove of expertly crafted guides that cover every aspect of affiliate marketing. From beginner-friendly tutorials to advanced strategies, the blog caters to marketers of all skill levels. They write about launching campaigns on different traffic sources, share guides for GEOs, for example, for India and Brazil, and verticals. Whether you’re seeking insights into conversion rate optimization, where to get traffic, or how to use AI in affiliate marketing, Yellana’s guides provide actionable advice and step-by-step instructions to help you achieve your goals.

Articles to read:

3. AllPushNetworks

AllPushNetworks is an informative resource created by media buyers and writers who share expertise in the affiliate marketing industry. They explore push ad networks and help affiliate marketers to discover the most lucrative channels for promoting their offers.

One of the biggest challenges for affiliate marketers is finding reliable and high-converting traffic sources. AllPushNetworks is dedicated to exploring push advertising networks, analyzing their performance, and identifying the most profitable sources available. By regularly reading their blog, you gain access to a wealth of information about these networks, including their strengths, weaknesses, targeting options, and user demographics.

This project provides access to the data of multiple ad networks in one place. Here you can find a list of push ad networks for Gambling, Betting, Adult, Crypto, Nutra/Health, and other verticals. Also, in this blog how-to affiliate marketing guides, case studies, glossary, and coupons are placed. 

Articles to read:

4. AuthorityHacker

AuthorityHacker is one of the blogging platforms for affiliate marketing. It was founded by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, seasoned digital marketers with extensive experience in constructing and expanding influential niche websites for more than ten years.

While affiliate marketing is a central topic covered on AuthorityHacker, the scope of their publication is much wider. It offers a wealth of comprehensive tutorials and blog posts that delve into various aspects such as selecting the appropriate niche, boosting website traffic, mastering SEO techniques, and exploring alternative methods of monetization.

For affiliate marketers seeking to broaden their revenue sources, AuthorityHacker serves as an excellent resource. The platform offers marketing education through video training courses, blog, and podcast. 

Articles to read:

5. Propeller Ads Blog

Propeller Blog is a platform dedicated to media buying and affiliate marketing, where industry experts generously provide insights into lead generation techniques, user acquisition strategies, and captivating marketing case studies. With its comprehensive and up-to-date content, it has become an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced affiliate marketers looking to maximize their earning potential.

As Propeller Ads is created by professionals in affiliate marketing, the writers provide case studies based on their own experience. They deliver in-depth analysis and actionable advice to help marketers thrive in an increasingly competitive environment using the advertising platform.

There are tutorials for newbies as well as for nerds. These resources cover topics such as understanding affiliate networks, selecting profitable niches, setting up tracking tools, and implementing effective promotional strategies. For experienced affiliates, the blog features in-depth articles, case studies, and technical guides that delve into sophisticated tactics and strategies. 

Articles to read:

6. Adsterra Blog

The Adsterra affiliate blog is one of the best affiliate free blogging platforms. It suggests actionable advice for effectively promoting CPA offers, capitalizing on websites, and optimizing traffic monetization with lucrative advertisements. 

The company has established itself as an advertising and CPA network, working with top-tier advertisers and marketers. As a result, the blog content is backed by years of experience and success in the affiliate marketing space. Affiliates can trust that the information they find on Adsterra’s blog is reliable, up-to-date, and relevant to their needs.

The blog is divided into several categories: ad trends, affiliate marketing and advertising, best traffic and offers, case studies, contents and fun, events, experts talks, and others. It caters to different interests, skill levels, and preferences, making it a valuable go-to resource for affiliates seeking to stay informed in the competitive world of affiliate marketing. 

Articles to read:

7. AffLift

AffLift is a real affiliate marketing community. The platform was created by seasoned affiliate marketer Luke Kling in 2018, and started as a forum. It has since flourished into a thriving community boasting numerous active members who regularly contribute content. However, it surpasses the typical forum framework by serving as an invaluable resource for affiliate marketers in various ways.

Within AffLift, affiliates discover dedicated forums tailored to different traffic types, as well as valuable tools for monitoring and optimizing advertising campaigns. Additionally, there’s a Q&A section and an array of other beneficial features. The community members, who specialize in specific areas, also share their expertise through informative articles.

Moreover, AffLift provides guides such as setting up a campaign on popular traffic sources and using tracking software to optimize your campaigns. You can read case studies from their successful campaigns to show you what the company did to make them successful.

To facilitate real-time interaction, AffLift offers Lift Chat, where you can ask questions and provide answers to queries from fellow members. 

Articles to read:

8. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an experienced marketer who nowadays is helping affiliate marketers delve deeper into this world. He not only founded several marketing tools and a digital marketing agency but is also highly regarded and admired for his remarkably insightful blog posts.

Neil Patel’s blog serves as a valuable resource where you can access lessons on various topics, such as establishing authority and credibility, SEO best practices, automation techniques, social media marketing strategies, and others. The content is presented in the form of blog posts and YouTube videos, often complementing each other.

Articles to read:

9. Affiliate Valley

Affiliate Valley is a digital magazine. The platform is dedicated to the world of affiliate marketing, online earning opportunities, and generating traffic. Within its pages, you can discover a wealth of resources, including case studies, success stories from affiliate marketers, comprehensive guides, and manuals that can help jumpstart your online business. Additionally, you’ll find engaging interviews with top affiliate marketers, along with the latest updates and news from the industry.

Delve into the magazine’s content and you’ll come across valuable information such as top affiliate programs, ratings for CPA networks, and a comprehensive list of industry events. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced marketer, this affiliate blog is a valuable resource that can provide immense assistance.

Articles to read:

10. Affsecret

Affsecret is a digital magazine that publishes the latest news, articles and case studies about affiliate, CPA, SEO marketing. The filtered materials help learn new information and keep abreast of the latest trends in advertising.

This online platform is created specifically for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and bloggers seeking to generate income through online resources. Despite being relatively new, this affiliate blog has published a substantial amount of valuable content that will greatly benefit media buyers.

You can start with informative articles that provide insights into the intricacies of various verticals, traffic sources, and payout models. Also, you may dive into the blogs contributed by media buying teams, advertising professionals, and affiliate networks, which offer case studies and guides to enhance your knowledge. 

Discover a comprehensive list of indispensable tools and services tailored specifically for media buyers. And don’t forget to explore the extensive collection of affiliate programs and ad networks, accompanied by ratings and comprehensive overviews.

Articles to read:


The  blog sites for affiliate marketing play a vital role in equipping marketers with the latest insights, strategies, and success stories that can propel their affiliate marketing endeavors to new heights.

By regularly reading these top blog sites, you can stay ahead of the curve, adapt to industry trends, and discover innovative techniques to maximize your earnings.

Remember, success in affiliate marketing is built on continuous learning and knowledge implementation. So, make it a priority to bookmark these blog sites, subscribe to their newsletters, and actively engage with their content.

Veranika Minina
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