Top 10 CPA Networks for Advertisers

Veranika Minina 30 April 2024 top networks

Table of contents:

  1. CPA Networks: Benefits for Advertisers
  2. Factors to Consider a CPA Network for Advertisers
  3. How do CPA Networks Attract Advertisers?
  4. Top CPA Networks for Advertisers

CPA networks are attractive platforms not only for affiliates but also for advertisers. Advertisers find partners to promote and advertise their product not directly, but through an intermediary, and pays only for a specific action performed by the client.

The best CPA networks for advertisers suggest many opportunities: analyze the work of affiliates, monitor the quality of traffic, weed out fraudsters and unscrupulous partners. But where to find these CPA platforms? In this article, you’ll find the list of top 10 CPA networks for advertisers.

CPA Networks: Benefits for Advertisers

An advertiser is an offer owner. The task is to determine the sales funnel, GEO, preferred traffic sources as well as which of them are non-convertible. To manage the process of promotion, it’s necessary to hire a specialist, pay a salary, count how much traffic is attracted, and how much of that traffic converts into targeted actions. But there is another option. As an advertiser, you can join a CPA network, paying affiliates only for targeted actions made by users.

Key benefits of CPA networks for advertisers:

  • You pay for specific targeted actions (purchase, registration, filling out an online form, etc.);
  • You don’t need to think how to attract users, that’s the job of affiliate marketers;
  • You don’t need to negotiate with each marketer individually.

Factors to Consider a CPA Network for Advertisers

Here are some common factors that advertisers need to take into account joining a CPA network:

  • Reputation of CPA network: CPA advertising networks strive to build a strong reputation in the industry. They focus on maintaining high standards of quality, reliability, and transparency. Positive word-of-mouth, testimonials from satisfied advertisers, and industry recognition contribute to building a network’s reputation. Advertisers are more likely to choose networks with a proven track record of success;

  • Size of affiliate base: CPA networks often boast a large affiliate base. They showcase the number of affiliates in their network and emphasize the network’s reach. Advertisers join CPA networks that can provide them with high-quality traffic attracted;

  • Tools for advertisers and affiliates: Advertisers are concerned about ad fraud, and CPA networks mitigate these concerns by implementing robust fraud prevention measures. They invest in fraud detection technology, employ manual verification processes, and maintain quality control standards to ensure that advertisers’ campaigns are protected from fraudulent activities. What is more, trackers, alerts, and many other tools help to track traffic better;

  • Dedicated support: CPA networks provide dedicated support services to their partners. So, affiliates can always ask for help from managers, ask questions concerning offers. And advertisers don’t need to waste their time on it. For advertisers, support services in CPA networks are important. They communicate directly, especially when it comes to the quality of traffic or deciding whether to give an affiliate a particular offer.

Despite all the benefits that CPA networks emphasize, we recommend doing your own research. Feedbacks on forums, reviews on networks will help you find out if the platform really does what it offers.

How do CPA Networks Attract Advertisers?

First of all, finding a good advertiser is based on personal connections. Usually, CPA network owners have good relations with numerous advertisers in the market, so they just can invite them to join the platform and place their offers here. In such a situation the chance of getting exclusive offers is high.

As an advertiser you can get an invitation to join a CPA network visiting affiliate conferences and connecting with new people. Network owners use this chance to tell about their platforms and establish contact with new people. But we advise you to ask questions about how many affiliates the CPA network has, what the requirements of joining are, etc.

We recommend that advertisers regularly attend conferences. This is a great way to personally agree on terms of cooperation with CPA networks. And don’t forget to do regular re-surveys of platforms on the Internet according to the criteria described above. Then you will definitely achieve success!

Top CPA Networks for Advertisers

We have already done a little research and selected the best CPA networks for advertisers. We suggest you familiarize yourself with their characteristics.

1. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is one of the best CPA networks that unites advertisers and affiliates. It operates in such verticals as Cam, Dating, Nutra/Health, OnlyFans Models, CBD and Adult Gaming. According to the provided data, CrakRevenue generates 5 billion monthly impressions worldwide. It is a vast network that has a global presence, aiming to attract a specific audience for nearly every industry vertical.

CrakRevenue’s team verifies partner identities with automated compliance and fraud monitoring systems as well as proactive blocking of non-compliant websites.

Also, the team of experienced designers offers advertisers to add customized advertising solutions to the offers that capture users’ attention and convert. If you need banners, videos, landing pages or anything else, you need to contact the managers.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 35,000+;
  • Verticals: Cam, Dating, Nutra/Health, OnlyFans Models, CBD, Adult Gaming;
  • Commission types: CPS, CPI, RevShare, RevShare Lifetime, Multi-CPA;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

2. MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a well-known CPA network for advertisers in affiliate marketing with 30,000+ affiliates and 3,000+ active campaigns.

If you want to work with an affiliate network, you will need to fill out an application form on the website. While many other CPA networks automatically approve all advertisers, the Maxbounty team vets absolutely all applicants. The company wants its partners to have experience in affiliate marketing.

One of the perks for advertisers is convenient conversion tracking. MaxBounty offers a simple solution with a tag that integrates seamlessly with your tracking platform. All you need to do is place the tag on your website, either directly or through your preferred tag manager. Once the tag is in place, conversion reporting becomes a simple matter. Just copy and paste the postback when the desired action occurs.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 30,000+;
  • Verticals: Biz Opp, Crypto, Dating, eCommerce, Finance, Nutra/Health, Sweepstakes;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

3. Yellana

Yellana is an iGaming CPA Network created by RichAds team. It works with such verticals as Gambling, Betting, Software, and Apps. 

Joining the platform as an advertiser, you get professional support that helps to create a converting landing page, shares lucrative traffic sources, and provides full onboarding, traffic sources by your choice, trusted affiliates, advanced anti-fraud system, and integration with analytics tools such as Appsflyer and others.

The Yellana team adds only those offers that the internal buying has tested. Therefore, be prepared that it will take time to place your offer.

You don’t have to provide creatives, landings and prelandings. Yellana’s creative team will develop free advertising materials for affiliates. 

Key features:

  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting, Software, Apps;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

4. Adsterra

Adsterra is a CPA network for advertisers: brands, agencies, individuals, etc. The Self-Serve Platform is perfect for advertisers seeking to get traffic independently, without relying on a manager. Through this platform, you gain access to a variety of targeting choices, competitive analysis capabilities, and tools for optimizing your ads. These features enable you to enhance your campaigns and boost conversion rates.

Adsterra collaborates with more than 28,000 affiliates who generate over 32 billion ad views on a monthly basis. It provides exclusive traffic platforms that are an excellent fit for various verticals including iGaming, eCommerce, Apps, Utility, Software, and Entertainment. Moreover, you have the opportunity to request premium RTB traffic, which is served through highly reputable SSP platforms.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 28,000+;
  • Verticals: VPN, Utilities, Dating, Mobile Apps, iGaming, eCommerce, Finance, Sweepstakes;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPI;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

5. ClickDealer

ClickDealer is a CPA platform with 10K+ active affiliates and 100% transparency. It allows affiliates to attract traffic using social, native, display, in-app, SEO and email channels. The top verticals are eCommerce, iGaming, Mobile, Software, Utilities.

In most cases, ClickDealer accepts offers from advertisers with payment according to the CPA model, i.e. for a certain action. But there is also a RevShare model, and payment for it sometimes reaches 80% of sales. The geography you can work with is the whole world. In most cases, advertisers are limited to 1-2 countries per 1 offer.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 10,000+;
  • Verticals: eCommerce, iGaming, Mobile, Software, Utilities;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, RevShare;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

6. is a Nutra/Health CPA network. It means that the platform suits only advertisers that sell health and beauty products: nutrition, creams and services. Before you place offers, the mediabuying team tests them, polish promo materials to make sure that you’ll get the highest conversions.

If your offer suits the requirements of, the team places it on the platform and makes sure that thousands of affiliates are aware of your offer. It does global promotions for the affiliate community and the support team negotiates individually to drive traffic flows to your offers. The better the conditions of your offer, the more leads you will receive.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 25,000+;
  • Vertical: Nutra/Health;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL;
  • Anti-fraud system: No.

7. Toro Advertising

Toro Advertising is a CPA network that exclusively caters to direct advertisers. If you fall into this category, simply open a ticket and provide a description of your partnership proposal. The platform works only with direct advertisers, ensuring a focused and efficient collaboration.

At Toro Advertising, the top verticals include Software, Movies, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Fintech, and Surveys. The team curates worldwide offers that are carefully selected based on industry trends and proven results.

TORO Advertising supports several pricing models all based on performance: CPA, CPI, CPL and CPS. It provides multiple click-fraud, impression-fraud and conversion-fraud detection mechanisms. Dedicated account managers will take care of your needs.

Key features:

  • Verticals: Software, Movies, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Fintech, Surveys, etc.;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

8. Cpamatica

Cpamatica is a performance based agency. The platform works with advertisers in two dimensions: media buying agency and affiliate network. Over the years, the company has built an extensive base of 3,000+ ambitious affiliates. Each affiliate is screened, their traffic is analyzed. Affiliates have confirmed their qualifications and are ready to help you attract as much traffic as possible to your offers.

The CPA network has a clever system for selecting a target traffic offer. It works automatically. The platform redirects untargeted traffic to the best offer, which is determined by the affiliate network system. In this way, all the offers will get the necessary amount of traffic without any losses.

Cpamatica builds comparison sites to reach the most targeted users at their decision-making moments. The platform automatically lists, ranks and recommends products or services that are highly likely to meet their needs. The company creates comparison sites for verticals such as Social Discovery, Finance, Insurance, SaaS.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 3,000+;
  • Verticals: Dating, Games, Finance, Software;
  • Commission type: CPA;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

9. Advidi

Advidi is a popular CPA network with over ten years of experience and extensive network of 5,000+ active affiliates. It suits advertisers who suggest offers in such verticals as Dating, Sweepstakes, Nutra/Health, iGaming, and Antivirus. With its in-house media buying team, Advidi has the ability to drive targeted traffic to specific offers within particular verticals. Through the internal control measures, the platform guarantees unparalleled quality and exceptional outcomes.

Advidi suggests diverse features to its partners. They are Global cloud-based infrastructure, Smartcap Management tool, mistrack prevention overlay platform, and offer rotation.

Also, the platform has a meticulous approval process, placing great importance on thoroughly understanding advertisers and their business to ensure a prosperous partnership. The comprehensive interviewing procedure allows Advidi to establish a deep understanding of your needs.

The platform possesses a strong advantage during negotiations when securing exclusive agreements with advertisers. This is a key factor contributing to the ability to consistently offer the best deals in the market.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 5,000+;
  • Verticals: Dating, Sweepstakes, Nutra/Health, iGaming, Antivirus;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, RevShare;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.

10. AdCombo

AdCombo is a CPA network that cooperates with advertisers all over the world. The platform connects advertisers with 40,000 affiliates who generate 200,000 leads daily. As an advertiser, you don’t even need to add ad materials. Its internal creative department develops creatives, landings and prelandings by itself as well as constantly improving the quality.

Also, AdCombo strives to help their partners with the localization process. So, you provide offers, and the team of professionals localize all materials for each country in particular. It concerns not only texts, but also designs and conversion optimizations.

Advertisers have the option to integrate with the platform using either API or Postback URL. Regardless of the integration method chosen, AdCombo guarantees that no leads will ever be lost within our system. It ensures consistent and stable performance, even during downtime periods on the advertiser’s side.

Key features:

  • Affiliates number: 40,000+;
  • Verticals: Dating, eCommerce, Nutra/Health;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI;
  • Anti-fraud system: Yes.


Top CPA networks for advertisers offer a multitude of opportunities to reach their target audience, drive conversions, and achieve their marketing goals. 

As advertisers navigate the ever-changing landscape of CPA marketing, these top networks equip them with the tools, resources, and support needed to maximize their campaigns’ success. Whether it’s through innovative technology, extensive affiliate networks, or tailored solutions, these CPA networks offer a gateway to reaching a wider audience, optimizing conversions, and achieving marketing objectives.

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