Dating Vertical

Veranika Minina 27 February 2024

Dating vertical is an “evergreen” niche in affiliate marketing. It includes promotion of dating services to individuals who are seeking romantic relationships or just friendships.

Dating Vertical Meaning

Dating is not only for websites and apps, but still such platforms are highly profitable resources for affiliates. According to Market Research, Dating websites and apps generate over 70% of the revenue in the industry. The vertical continues to expand continuously, leading numerous affiliate networks to offer lucrative opportunities for earning money. And the niche shows no signs of disappearing in the near future, particularly due to the increasing popularity of matchmaking apps like Tinder.

The Dating vertical encompasses a wide range of subcategories. They are online dating websites, mobile dating apps, matchmaking services, speed dating events, and more. Each category has its own target audience, features, and marketing strategies for promotion.

Where to Get Dating Offers?

Join a Dating CPA Network. That’s where different advertisers post offers that affiliates can take to promote. By promoting the offers, affiliates earn commissions for the users who have taken a certain action: subscribe for a service, fill a form, make a purchase, etc. In the article “Top 13 Dating CPA Networks” you will find the platforms in which you should register.

And you can also sign up for affiliate programs. They are created by only one advertiser who places here own offers.

How to Promote Dating Offers?

Affiliates receive commissions for Dating offers promotion. To do it successfully, you need to take into account some tips:

  • Choose correct GEOs: There is no need to focus only on Tier-1 countries like USA or UK as the competition in these countries is higher. Explore Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries instead. The commissions here could be lower, but the traffic volume as well as your earnings higher;

  • Test traffic sources: Dating offers could be promoted through diverse traffic sources. That is why you can choose between social media, native ads, or push notifications. But remember that some social networks like Facebook have restrictions on the promotion of Dating offers;

  • Check the stats: Testing and optimization of marketing strategies must be part of your routine. Monitor the statistics and discover which traffic sources, GEOs, creatives work better. With the help of this information you will be ahead of the competition in Dating vertical;

  • Maintain relations with the CPA network: Choose the reliable platform in the market. Connect with affiliate managers to demonstrate your commitment to achieving success together. Also, working with a support team you receive valuable insights, tips as well as lists of suitable offers according to your experience, GEO, traffic sources and so on.

Success in the Dating vertical is in strategic planning. As you carefully choose your affiliate networks, narrow your focus, and employ various marketing techniques for effective promotion of Dating offers.

How to Promote Dating Offers: Creatives

The success of any marketing campaign depends on creatives. Affiliates can create it by themselves or choose from the list suggested by the advertisers and CPA networks.

Dating as any other vertical aims to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds, including varying genders, races, ages, and other identities. Examine your target audience.

When it comes to the Dating niche, there are some ideas you can consider developing creatives:

  • Intriguing voice messages: Create voice message imitations that pique the user’s curiosity and make them want to learn more;

  • Highlight subscription discounts: Add info about exclusive discounts on subscriptions, enticing users to explore the possibilities;

  • Success stories: Share inspiring narratives of individuals who found their lifetime partners through dating apps, emphasizing the potential for meaningful connections;

  • Emphasize enticing photos: Put the spotlight on captivating visuals that showcase attractive individuals, sparking interest and encouraging users to engage;

  • Add Invitations: If you use pictures of girls, add invitations like “Let’s chat”, “Jane sent you a voicemail”, “Natalie left a message for you”. Such headings reduce hesitations among guys, especially if they have little experience in dating and relationships in general. Also this approach raises engagement in dating apps.

Remember, the possibilities for creativity in the Dating niche are endless, so feel free to explore additional ideas that resonate with your target audience.

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