Mobile Vertical

Veranika Minina 27 February 2024

Mobile Vertical is a niche that aims to generate traffic only from mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. People throughout the world use their mobile phones every day. So, affiliates run successful campaigns and generate quick profits on users’ willingness to install apps or subscribe to mobile services.

Both experienced and new to the sphere affiliate marketers can find opportunities in this vertical. Mobile offers particularly excel in converting Facebook and Google traffic, thanks to several factors including the vast audience, streamlined flow, and a diverse range of available offers.

Mobile Vertical Meaning

Mobile affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing where affiliates attract new users to the advertiser’s offers. In this model, affiliates are focused on users with Android and iOS devices.

In simple terms, Mobile vertical encompasses various types of ads that are displayed on mobile devices and websites, using wireless connections. These ads are tailored to target specific consumer demographics, taking into account factors such as their interests, preferences, and browsing history. The aim is to deliver personalized advertising content that aligns with the needs and characteristics of the mobile audience.

Types of Mobile Offers

Mobile offers can be divided into 4 types based on the specific actions that users need to take in order to subscribe to a service. These categories include:

  • App Installs: Offers are created to convert users immediately upon app installation. Such additional steps as creating an account or using the app for the first time may be necessary. If the app can only be downloaded through a browser, the webpage will open to initiate the download. If the app is available on the device’s official distribution channel, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, the respective store will open, displaying the app ready for download;

  • Clickflow: Offers streamline the subscription process for users. With just one or two clicks on the confirmation button found on the landing page, users can easily subscribe to a service and initiate the billing process;

  • PIN submit: On the offer page, users can request a PIN code, which they will receive via SMS. To confirm their subscription, they simply need to enter this code on the offer page. The process ensures a secure and verified subscription for users;

  • Click2SMS: To subscribe, users simply need to click on the offer page and send a message. In certain countries, local regulations may require users to enter their mobile phone number on the page before proceeding with the subscription;

  • Click2Call: It’s a type of offer that enables users to initiate a phone call by clicking a button or link. Affiliates are paid a commission for a call or for a duration.

In the list of the Top 15 Mobile CPA Networks, you’ll find credible platforms to join and become part of the Mobile vertical.

Commission Model in the Mobile Vertical

The most popular commission types in the Mobile vertical are CPA and RevShare.

CPA (Cost Per Action) requires payments per predetermined actions taken by users. For instance, a user subscribes to a music service with a monthly cost of $5. In this case, an affiliate receives a one-time fixed payment for facilitating the subscription.

It’s worth noting that CPA is the preferred model for many affiliates in the mobile content space due to its stability, reliability, and the ability to accurately calculate ad metrics. This allows marketers to optimize their campaign more effectively and make data-driven decisions.

RevShare, or Revenue Share, is a model where revenue from a sale is divided between the advertiser and the affiliate.

For instance, if a user subscribes to the same music service costing $5 per month on a RevShare basis with a predefined percentage of 25%, you would receive $1.25 from each monthly sale. This arrangement continues until the user decides to unsubscribe.

However, it’s important to note that the unsubscribe rate tends to be rather high right now. And billing inaccuracies can occur, impacting the actual revenue generated. That is why it’s crucial to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of RevShare.

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