Veranika Minina 27 February 2024

In an attempt to drive more traffic and get more commissions, affiliates use aggressive types of advertising. In this case, popunder as an ad format helps to promote offers.

Let’s find out what is a popunder, what is useful in this format of advertisements.

Popunder Meaning

Popunder is a type of online ads that opens a new browser window or tab hidden beneath the current active window. When a user visits a website that displays popunder ads, the ad is loaded in the background, and it remains hidden until the user closes or minimizes the current window.

How does Popunder Work?

Clicking a specific part of the page can cause a new browser window to appear. In some cases, the user may need to click a button or attempt to close a popup in order to trigger the opening of a new tab.

The advantage of popunders is that they are less intrusive than pop ads. The user may not immediately notice the new tab appearing beneath the main one. Instead, they will discover its content later. This delayed exposure increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Best Verticals for Popunder

In terms of verticals, the following niches are suitable for popunder:

  • Dating;
  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Adult;
  • Sweepstakes.

Popunder Advantages

Before you start promoting offers using popunder, it’s important to get acknowledge with the main characteristics of the ad format:

  • Devices Compatibility: Popunder campaigns are optimized to work seamlessly across various devices: desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. They also can be used with platforms like iOS. It allows to reach a broader audience;

  • Simplicity and Creative Freedom: Popunders offer a unique advantage by eliminating the need for creating banners or frequently updating visuals. This simplicity is particularly beneficial for affiliate marketers who are new to the field, as it reduces complexity and facilitates the identification of effective combinations;

  • Extensive Audience Reach: Popunder has the capacity to engage a diverse range of users with varying needs and interests. When selecting offers to promote, it’s advisable to choose those that resonate with this multifaceted audience.

Popunder Disadvantages

Of course, Popunder has some disadvantages. Let’s look through them:

  • Negative Attitude: When users encounter banner ads, they have a choice to open or ignore it. However, with popunder users have no choice as the tab appears regardless of their preferences, what leads to negative reactions;

  • High Percentage of Bots: Bot traffic is a significant concern for affiliate marketers, and some believe that popunders attract a higher proportion of bot traffic compared to other types of ads;

  • Influence of Ad Blockers: Popunders are dependent on browser updates and ad blockers. This form of ads faces more restrictions from browsers, intended to protect users from excessive advertising. However, the ongoing battle against popunders is still being fought, and it is still possible to generate revenue from them.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions and create compelling campaigns that resonate with your traffic.

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