Spy Tool

Veranika Minina 05 March 2024

A spy tool is a service that allows affiliates to gather and analyze information about their competitors’ campaigns. These tools are created to provide valuable data about the strategies, tactics, and ad creatives used by other affiliates.

Spy Tool Meaning

Spy tools are features that affiliate marketers use to check the status of someone else’s advertising campaign: creatives, how long they’ve been running the campaign, how much traffic they’ve gotten, etc. Using this info, you can adapt your own strategies accordingly.

These tools allow you to assess the duration of an ad campaign and ensure it hasn’t been disabled, indicating its profitability. Additionally, certain spy tools provide insights into the amount of traffic generated since its launch.

Using these tools, affiliates can discover any problems in their methods of advertising, change the creatives and landing page, attract users and receive higher commissions.

How do Spy Tools Work?

Using these features, affiliates analyze the following data:

  • Ad Monitoring: You can scan various CPA networks to find and collect data on the ads being run by affiliates. This includes information on ad copies, landing pages, banners, and other creatives;

  • Affiliate Network Analysis: Spy tools can track and analyze affiliate networks, identifying the top-performing offers. This information helps marketers understand which offers are popular and successful;

  • Keyword Research: Some spy tools provide insights into the keywords used by affiliates to drive traffic to the offers. This information can be helpful in identifying high-converting keywords and optimizing campaigns;

  • Traffic Sources: Spy tools can reveal the traffic sources used by affiliates, such as search engines, social media platforms, ad networks, or specific websites. This allows marketers to explore potential opportunities, especially for beginners;

  • Conversion Tracking: Advanced spy tools may offer conversion tracking capabilities, allowing marketers to monitor their competitors’ conversion rates.

Affiliates should use a spy tool to gather ideas, modify it when implementing. This refers to both creatives and landing pages. Consider incorporating similar images while adjusting the accompanying text. The key is to refrain from using identical elements.

How to Use Spy Tools?

There are few simple steps how to use spy tools in the right way:

  1. Find the top-performing creatives and landing pages;
  2. Download them, check what techniques are being used to attract customers;
  3. Modify creatives and landing pages to enhance their effectiveness;
  4. Launch an ad campaign.

Spy Tools List


BigSpy is a free advertisement spy tool that empowers businesses and individuals to find creative inspiration for their marketing campaigns. With its extensive database of diverse ads, the platform offers a comprehensive collection for teams to explore and search using filters.

With BigSpy, marketing professionals can exclude irrelevant results by inputting specific keywords in the “Exclude in result” field. The platform also offers advanced sorting options for Featured Ads, allowing users to prioritize based on criteria such as Last Seen, Time Created, Likes, Comments, Heat, Shares, and Duration. You don’t need to pay to use this service as it’s free for all users.


AdPlexity is a spy tool that allows you to monitor and analyze ads across various platforms, including display networks, native ads, mobile ads, and more. It provides valuable insights like OC, audiences, and more.

There are several services:

  • AdPlexity Push — for push ads;
  • AdPlexity Mobile — for mobile traffic;
  • AdPlexity Desktop — for desktop traffic;
  • AdPlexity Native — for native ads.

All services are paid. There are no free trial periods, but you can request a refund within the first 24 hours if you don’t like the platform. The prices are different, as well: from $149 to $249.


Anstrex is another powerful spy tool that covers a wide range of ad networks and platforms. It collects ads from 92 countries and offers features like ad monitoring, competitor analysis, landing page insights, and advanced search filters to help you find profitable campaigns in your niche.

Subscription rates vary depending on the set you’ve chosen:

  • Native only — $69.99 per month;
  • Native+push — $139.99 per month;
  • Native+push+pops — $219.99 per month.

There is no free trial. But the company provides a full refund if you decide to cancel within 2 days. This allows you ample time to evaluate the service effectively, similar to a trial period.


SpyFu specializes in competitive keyword research and analysis. It provides data on keywords used by competitors, their organic search rankings, and their paid search ad campaigns. This tool can be valuable for optimizing PPC campaigns and improving SEO strategies.

You can use the following features:

  • SEO: You can get instant access to backlinks, ranking history and best pages. Stay in the know with keyword tracking and custom reports;
  • PPC: Uncover your Google Ads competitors’ keywords and ads. Get buy recommendations, as well as negative match suggestions… for any domain;
  • Competitive Intel:  Ranks, ads, keywords, backlinks — everything a domain has done for the last 14 years, you can track with the help of SpyFu;
  • Projects: You can create an unlimited number of projects to effectively organize keywords and keyword groups. Additionally, you have the option to set up alerts, ensuring you stay informed about any changes;
  • Reports: It allows to gain valuable insights with SEO Recon reports and the Google Ads Advisor. These powerful tools highlight missed opportunities and track progress simultaneously, allowing you to stay on top of your SEO and advertising efforts.

The price of the service depends on the plan. Basic monthly plan is $39. Professional monthly plan is $79. Also, the platform suggests discounts: Basic plan — $9, Pro plan — $49.


While primarily known as an SEO tool, SEMRush also offers competitive intelligence features. It allows affiliates to analyze their competitors’ organic and paid search strategies, including their keywords, ad copies, and performance metrics. This information can be valuable for optimizing your own search campaigns.

The platform suggest the following options:

  • Traffic and Visitor Engagement;
  • Website Traffic by Country;
  • Traffic Share by Device;
  • Website Traffic Journey;
  • Competitors and Alternatives;
  • Organic and Paid Website Traffic;
  • Top Organic Keyword;
  • Backlink Analytics.

There are 3 subscription plans. Pro is $129.95 monthly. Guru is $249.95 monthly. Business is $499.95 monthly.

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