How to Promote Sweepstakes Offers in 2024

Veranika Minina 22 April 2024 Beginners Guide Sweepstakes

Table of contents:

  1. Sweepstakes in Marketing
  2. Offers Types for Sweepstakes
  3. How to Run Sweepstakes: Traffic Sources
  4. How to Promote Sweepstakes Offers
  5. How much can you Earn from Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing?
  6. Advices for Beginners

Sweepstakes have stood the test of time and continue to be in high demand among affiliates. The reason for their popularity lies in their ability to deliver high conversions, making them an ideal choice for beginners as well as advanced affiliates.

How to promote Sweepstakes offers in 2024? The answer to the question and many insights you will find in this article.

Sweepstakes in Marketing

Sweepstakes in marketing is a vertical that encompasses offers with a chance to win prizes. As a prize, users can win anything: money, gadgets, gift cards, cosmetics, and many other things.

But to win a prize, users have to carry out a specific action. The action is usually specified by advertisers in their offers, and affiliates receive commissions when users make these actions. They are leaving personal information, email, payment details, etc.

Offers Types for Sweepstakes

According to payment models, Sweepstake offers can be deviden in several groups: SOI, DOI,  CC Submits, PIN Submit. This clarification will also demonstrate the challenges involved in converting users and effectively promoting the Sweepstakes campaign. Let’s discover pros and cons of these types:

  • SOI (Single opt-in): These offers involve users completing a single action, such as providing their email address and first name. The personal data collected is highly valuable to Tier-1 advertisers;

  • DOI (Double opt-in): Offers require users to go through a two-step authentication process. Typically, such offers have a lower conversion rate, but each conversion tends to be more profitable;

  • CC Submit (Credit card submission): They refer to offers that are challenging to convert. Users are required to enter their credit card information, and in some cases, make a payment or sign up for a free product trial, such as an app;

  • PIN Submit: These offers require users to submit their PINs, as mobile operators charge users for the service. The range of PIN Submit offers is vast, ranging from TV series to horoscopes.

While SOI and DOI offers are easier to promote and they are more suitable for beginners in affiliate marketing and Sweepstakes vertical, CC Submits and PIN Submits present opportunities for greater payouts.

How to Run Sweepstakes: Traffic Sources

Before you start promoting Sweepstakes offers, you need to choose traffic sources. Nowadays, plenty of traffic sources exist, both free and paid ones, but not all of them work for Sweeps. Using the right strategy, you have the ability to reach the audience that is genuinely intrigued by the message you convey.

So, the recommended choices for Sweepstakes promotion would be push ads and their variations, such as in-page push, also pops. Some affiliates also choose calendar push notifications, which are effective and still retain their appeal.

Social traffic may not be the most favorable option for Sweeps. While it is reliable, it can be costly and may not be suitable for beginners. Experienced marketers with substantial budgets can consider it, but it remains a risky experiment.

Email marketing continues to be a powerful channel. It is crucial to highlight the value of the prize and the advantages of participating. To effectively reach the right audience, segment your email list and target recipients who are most relevant to your campaign.

Summing up, the best traffic sources for Sweepstake offers are:

  • Push notifications;
  • In-page push;
  • Pops;
  • Social;
  • Email marketing.

How to Promote Sweepstakes Offers

Offers promotion is a complex approach that requires the use of several strategies at the same time. You need to choose an offer, the right GEO, develop creatives as well as landings and prelandings. If all of these points are met, you have a better chance of success.

Choose a Sweepstake Offer

You can start with testing Sweepstakes offers to find the suitable ones. Here are the recommended actions to take during the selection process:

  • Determine your audience: If you have your own website, take the time to explore your audience’s preferences, age range, and interests. Instead of simply promoting “popular” offers, focus on choosing ones that genuinely interest your users or those that you can effectively target. But if you don’t have your own platform, choose offers for target audience which preferences your understand;

  • Determine the offer type: If you are a beginner, it’s advisable to begin with SOI Sweepstakes offers. After conducting successful tests, you can progress to CC-Submit offers, which are typically associated with higher-priced traffic and specific GEOs. However, it’s essential to consistently monitor the flow of SOI Sweepstakes. Although the payouts may not be as high, the flow may involve multiple survey questions and pages requiring personal data. For successful SOI Sweepstakes, ensure that the flow is concise, uncomplicated, and doesn’t overwhelm participants with excessive information requirements;

  • Evaluate the landing page: Some CPA networks provide affiliates with landings and prelandings. They should load quickly, be compatible with various browsers, and align with specific holidays or seasons.

The success of a Sweepstakes promotion is greatly influenced by the prize or reward being offered. For instance, while new mobile device releases and other gadgets make excellent prizes, it is also worth considering offers that feature products from well-known brands, gift card rewards, trending products, or even travel-related incentives. By aligning the prizes with the interests of the target audience, the chances of a successful Sweepstakes campaign can be significantly increased.

Where to find the best offers? Join a CPA network! The list of the top Sweepstakes CPA networks you can find on

Choose the Right GEO

Based on experience of the Sweepstakes promotion, this vertical converts great in almost all GEOs. But, of course, there are nuances:

  • Tier-1: Tier-1 countries are known for the high competition, and this fact can present challenges. The oversaturation of these GEOs can serve as a potential obstacle. But prominent locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy. Remember that Sweeps don’t provide high payouts, so expansive traffic sources can not bring you generous commissions;

  • Tier-2: Tier-2 countries typically offer a combination of user engagement, lower competition compared to Tier 1 countries, and the possibility of favorable conversion rates. This category includes Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Eastern European countries;

  • Tier-3: These GEOs exhibit lower levels of competition, providing favorable opportunities for conversions. The top GEOs in this context are India, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, and LATAM region.

If you are in doubts, we recommend reading the article “What Tier to Choose for Ads Campaign: 1, 2 or 3?” Here you will find a detailed description of each Tier and their features.

Develop Creatives

The essential part of Sweepstakes offers promotion are creatives. In fact, it’s very easy to do. And here are a few pieces of advice.

First of all, use creatives with imitation of unread messages. It stimulates users to click on the advertisement. Similarly, icons resembling missed calls operate on the same principle.

Add images of gift boxes as they immediately evokes desire to obtain something for free. Furthermore, the element of mystery surrounding what is inside the gift box keeps users engaged.

A fortune wheel is a classic but highly effective approach. users will have a glimpse of what awaits them, making the creative more dynamic and appealing.

Also, we can recommend using the following approaches for Sweepstakes approaches:

  • Display the prize or multiple prizes simultaneously;
  • Share a photo of previous lucky winners with their winnings;
  • Showcase a gift card along with a picture of the corresponding store to enhance brand recognition;
  • Instruct users directly on the creative itself. For example, include the phrase “erase and win” on the main image, allowing users to understand the desired action.

Create Landings and Prelandings

In general, you can use the same tactics as in creative: gift boxes and fortune wheels. You can also add questionnaires, asking about the users’ countries, their device types, their age, gender, etc. Ensure that the questions are straightforward, enabling users to navigate through the funnel with ease.

You can use pre-made landers or prelanders provided by a CPA network, or you can create it by yourself. It is crucial to pay attention to the uniqueness of ad materials, if you want to build trust with your audience.

How much can you Earn from Sweepstakes Affiliate Marketing?

The average payout for Sweepstakes ranges from $0.50 to $40 depending on the type of offer. SOI offers have the lowest fees, making them more affordable for beginners.

Notably, Sweepstakes have no good or bad seasons as they are relevant throughout the year. That said, you can increase your income if you tie your ads to specific events, such as the release of a new iPhone.

On the other hand, CC and PIN Submits bring higher payouts, but can be more challenging for beginners. Take into account the format you use, as it has a significant impact on profitability. For example, landing pages play a crucial role in preparing users to share personal information. Being creative with the design of such pages is very important, and it can contribute significantly to success.

Advices for Beginners

We have some more useful tips to help you successfully promote Sweepstakes Offers in 2024.

1. Use of AI Technologies is on the Rise

AI is gaining more and more popularity every month. These technologies help make content more personalized and campaigns more effective. Use AI as a way to increase user engagement.

2. Don’t forget about Gamification

Gamification is relevant for Sweepstake offers. Thanks to this approach, ads become more engaging and attract more users to interact with them. For example, use leaderboards in landing pages. This way, users will have an incentive to outrank their competitors, take the lead and see their name on the board. This generates additional traffic and generally increases the excitement around the campaign.

3. Realistic mechanics and prizes

Unfortunately, it’s already very difficult to surprise users with ads like “You’ve won!” or “Submit your details to claim the prize!”. Yes, this approach still works. But if you want to be a little different from your competitors, add questions like “What is your age” or “What is your gender” to your ad creatives.

4. Modern creatives

In the era of the popularity of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, affiliates often turn to the Social Bar ad format for Sweepstakes ads. It allows you to add custom creatives that will stand out on the publisher’s page.


Sweepstakes is a hot niche that is easy to get into. But it still requires attention, time, and timely content updates. Sweeps have a low barrier to entry and high conversion rates, making them ideal for beginning affiliates. Employ straightforward mechanics and ensure that your ad campaigns align with current trends to create impactful and effective campaigns.

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