How to Advertise Dating Offers in 2024

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Table of contents:

  1. Dating Characteristics
  2. Types of Dating Offers in Affiliate Marketing
  3. Commission Types of Dating Offers
  4. How to Choose a Dating CPA Offer
  5. Where to Find the Best Dating Offers
  6. How to Promote Dating Offers

Dating is one of the lucrative verticals in affiliate marketing. With the increasing number of online Dating platforms, more and more affiliates enter in this niche promoting Dating offers to users. And to do this, marketers use diverse channels.

In this article, we will explore how to promote Dating offers in 2024. But first, let’s remember all the features of Dating vertical in affiliate marketing.

Dating Characteristics

The dating industry is still going strong, which is why it ranks as one of the “evergreen” niches of affiliate marketing. There is nothing surprising in this: people actively use dating apps and sites to find new acquaintances, communication, and romantic relationships without leaving home.

And dating apps as well as websites feel this need and actively update their functionality. The best applications today offer not just chat rooms for communication, but also video chats, compatibility tests, cards with topics to communicate with a new person and much more.

At the same time, users of such apps have become less likely to pay for additional options and subscriptions, which are important to advertisers. Therefore, affiliate marketers face a challenge: to bring quality traffic, that is, active, solvent users.

Types of Dating Offers in Affiliate Marketing

In general, Dating offers can be categorized into two main types: Mainstream and Adult. This classification is important as it helps to promote offers effectively creating a special strategy:

  • Mainstream offers: They include websites and apps which are created for users primarily seeking committed relationships and are interested in building long-term connections. The main characteristic in ad texts is a call to action without sexual innuendo. This is why you often see advertising creatives with the words “Do you feel lonely?” and others;

  • Adult offers: This category is focused on intimate relations. Such platforms seek to attract users who are interested in satisfying their basic physical needs, without emotional attachment and long-term relationships.

Mainstream type is easier to work with. You can notice it especially in terms of creatives as they are less likely to get banned by promoting channels (for example, such social networks as Facebook or Instagram).

But Adult offers are profitable as they dominate in the marketing thanks to high demand of Adult content. At the same time, it is more difficult to promote such offers because of advertising restrictions. For example, not all platforms allow affiliates to place Adult content as advertising.

Commission Types of Dating Offers

Flexibility is one of the characteristics of Dating offers. It means that all affiliates can find a suitable way to earn on Dating promotion.

When it comes to promoting Dating offers, the most common commission types are CPA (Cost Per Action) or CPS (Cost Per Sale) offers. These types of offers compensate affiliates for the user’s registration and specific actions such as adding a photo, completing a profile, or purchasing premium access.

Alternatively, RevShare allows affiliates to receive a percentage of ongoing payments from customers they’ve referred to advertisers. This means marketers continue to earn commissions as long as the referred customers keep making payments. This option is more challenging as affiliates need to wait for the user to make purchases and renew their subscription. It also requires a budget to maintain campaigns while waiting for payouts.

To gain profit, you can use several conversion flows such as:

  • SOI (Single Opt-In) means that users are required to provide their email address, and upon doing so, the conversion is considered complete;

  • DOI (Double Opt-In) follow is similar to SOI, but after users provide their email address, they must confirm their subscription by clicking on a link in the email they receive.

How to Choose a Dating CPA Offer

Among a plethora of verticals available for promotion, the Dating vertical stands out as a  fruitful option. The reason is simple — people never stop engaging in dating activities.

When selecting offers to promote, there are several factors to consider:

  • Offer Relevance: Conduct thorough research on the Dating offers available in the market now. Assess their relevance to your target audience and evaluate whether they provide value and solutions that resonate with their dating goals;

  • Payout structure: The earnings you generate play a crucial role, whether they stem from each sale, each action, or regular payments. Your choice of payout structure significantly impacts your overall income. It is important to select an option that aligns with your preferred approach;

  • Commission rates: Look for dating offers that offer competitive commission rates within the industry. Compare the rates offered by different affiliate networks and programs. For example, the highest payout offered by AdCombo is CPS $21.25, MyLead — CPL $118.29, ClickDealer — CPA $240, etc.;

  • Restrictions: Some offers may have specific guidelines regarding promotional channels, creatives, or targeting methods. Ensure that the restrictions align with your preferred promotional strategies, GEO, creatives, etc. Usually, affiliates encounter Facebook’s restrictions, as this platform prohibits the promotion of Adult offers. Or in countries where religion dominates every aspect of life, promotion of Dating offers is hardly possible.

Selecting an offer, you need to pay attention to the target audience. Surprisingly, the male users register on Dating apps or websites more frequently compared to women. Also, middle-aged individuals are actively seeking partners more than younger generations.

When developing promotional materials for dating apps, it is crucial to consider these insights and incorporate them into the affiliate marketing strategy.

And one more piece of advice is take into account the trend to inclusivity. An increasing number of Dating apps are emerging that cater to specific interests, sexual orientations, or hobbies. Users now seek to connect with individuals who share similar passions, searching for their ideal match.

Where to Find the Best Dating Offers

Usually, affiliates prefer to work with Dating CPA networks that collect numerous offers at one place. Such platforms make it much easier to find the best offers in the market. So, we’ve created a list of top Dating affiliate networks that you can join.

CPA NetworkDating Offers NumberMinimum Payout

The full list you can find in our article “Top 13 Dating CPA Networks”.

How to Promote Dating Offers

Promoting Dating offers, you need to take into account several factors. First of all, you need to choose traffic sources, determine top GEOs, and develop ads creatives that catch users attention. Let’s dive deeper in each of these aspects.

Traffic Sources for Dating

Depending on the type of an offer, you can choose the source of how to promote Dating:

  • Social Networks;
  • SEO;
  • Native Ads;
  • Push Ads;
  • Pops;
  • Google Ads;
  • In-app Ads.

For example, mainstream offers can be promoted through social networks or SEO. But there are several restrictions even in this case:

  • Social Networks: Facebook is a great social network to promote Dating offers. This channel provides highly efficient targeting options, allowing affiliates to reach the target audience according to GEO, gender, interests, and age. However, to do this you need to ask for permission from FB or just use cloaking. Be ready that your ad account can be blocked because of sex Dating ad campaigns;

  • SEO: It’s possible to advertise Dating through SEO, but you need to be aware of several restrictions. For example, Google prohibits sexual content, escort services promotion. Dating offers targeting individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed. Ad creatives should adhere to Google’s guidelines regarding content, formatting, and design;

  • Native Ads: Native ads are integrated into the website’s content, providing users with a non-disruptive and captivating experience. Whether it’s a story about successful marriage or a quiz to find the perfect match, native ads allow for diverse content formats. This versatility enhances engagement and click-through rates (CTRs), making native advertising an ideal choice for promoting Dating offers;

  • Push Ads: These are push notifications that work as messages from social media platforms or dating apps. They deliver ad messages directly to users, guaranteeing to be seen;

  • Pops: Pop ads are created to cater to such factors as impulsive choice and emotional connection by instantly capturing the user’s attention. Ad appears as separate windows/tabs or overlays, possessing a unique ability to create a sense of urgency and excitement. This prompts users to take immediate action;

  • Google Ads: In this case, Dating offers, including Mainstream ones, refer to the Sensitive content which is blocked by default. Nevertheless, you can use this channel, but do not redirect the customers to the offer directly, and try some kind of prelanding pages instead;

  • In-app Ads: It involves placing advertisements within the app’s interface to attract users and encourage them to engage with the Dating platform. 

You can use any type of traffic source. We recommend taking into account not only your preferences as an affiliate marketer but also the offer’s requirements. It means that advertisers may need traffic only from special ad sources.

Top GEOs for Dating Offers

Certainly, the popularity of Dating is expanding globally, with the top geographical locations in the Dating vertical constantly shifting on a daily basis.

The best GEOs for Dating offers in 2024 include such countries as:

  • USA;
  • France;
  • South Africa;
  • India;
  • China;
  • Germany;
  • UK;
  • Brazil;
  • Singapore;
  • Japan.

The United States remains a dominant market for Dating due to its diverse population. With the popularity of online Dating services, your offers have great potential to resonate with the US audience.

France, known for its love and romance, is a top market for Dating as it offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to enter the thriving sphere.

South Africa has seen significant growth in the online Dating vertical. Users show interest in Dating coaching, making it a promising market for your offers.

In India, the demand for dating services is high, making it an attractive market for your Dating offers.

Dating apps are flourishing in China, providing not only romantic connections but also combating loneliness and encouraging marriage.

German users are inclined towards online Dating services, appreciating the convenience and extensive choices they provide.

The UK has a cultural openness and acceptance of Dating apps, creating a favorable environment for attracting users.

The younger generation in Brazil embraces Dating apps and websites, attracted by the larger pool of potential partners and convenience of browsing.

In Singapore, users primarily seek long-term relationships on Dating apps, with a higher proportion of male users. 

Online Dating services have gained significant importance in Japan due to widespread smartphone adoption. The market is expected to continue expanding in the coming years.

Dating Ads Creatives

In developing creatives for Dating offers promotion, we have several recommendations:

  • Show the diversity of gender, age, etc.: Examine the target audience. Numerous offers cater to specific audiences, such as Dating apps for older adults or LGBT. If you don’t have any restrictions regarding your target audience, leverage this opportunity to highlight the diversity of the world;
  • Use personalized messages: Developing creatives, you can add personalized messages to establish a deeper emotional bond with users, leading to higher levels of engagement and improved conversion rates;
  • Tell stories: Success stories always attract attention. The same is true for Dating. Telling users how a couple met on a Dating app, built a relationship, got married and had children encourages users to sign up. Stories about famous people who use dating apps also encourage users to take action.

Landings and Prelanding Pages

What concerns landings and prelandings, you need to test different formats, too. Such an approach will help you to find the best way of Dating offers promoting.

As usual, we recommend you to use call-to-action texts and images of beautiful women and men. It always works!

To motivate your Dating traffic to take action, you can direct users to prelanding pages. The more actions users are prompted to take, the higher the potential for receiving high-quality traffic. However, it is important to ensure that the required actions are kept as simple as possible, in order to keep users motivated.


In conclusion, promoting dating offers in 2024 requires a comprehensive understanding of the dating vertical’s peculiarities and trends. By recognizing the unique aspects of this niche, such as impulse decisions and emotional connections, marketers can tailor their strategies accordingly.

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