White Label Affiliate Marketing Software: How Does It Work

Veranika Minina 25 June 2024 Guide

Table of contents:

  1. What is White Label in Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How does White-Labeling Work?
  3. How to Use White Labeling?
  4. Benefits of White-Labeling
  5. Top 7 White Label Affiliate Marketing Software and Tools
  6. Best White Label Affiliate Programs

In the modern age of digital marketing, affiliate marketing plays a crucial role in the growth strategies of numerous businesses. Businesses frequently adopt white label affiliate network software to efficiently handle their affiliate programs.

In this article, we will delve into the meaning of white label, its role in affiliate marketing, and its effectiveness in your marketing strategy.

What is White Label in Affiliate Marketing?

White Label is a common partnership format:

  • An advertiser is engaged in producing a product or providing a service;
  • An affiliate promotes them under its own name (brand);

In general, white-label affiliate marketing is almost the same as traditional affiliate marketing. Both models are aimed at promoting the advertiser’s goods and services, for which the affiliate partner receives a commission.

Traditional affiliate marketing requires a webmaster to direct potential customers to the merchant’s website. Therefore, marketers must create from scratch or use content prepared by someone else that makes it easier to promote any product or service. This content can be in the form of branding, creative, videos, or other marketing materials.

In turn, white label affiliate networks provide an opportunity to avoid having to create new content. Instead, affiliates can quickly and easily promote affiliate products on their websites.

This is done by creating a page with all the useful information that customers can use and applying a White Label solution. This includes affiliate links, coupons, discounts, and popular services and products for your audience.

In this way, affiliate networks and White Label programs simplify a lot of tasks for affiliates and free up marketers’ time. You just need to put all the information in one place and wait for your audience to click on the offers so you can get your commission. In most cases, these programs use the CPA commission structure.

In one of our articles dedicated affiliate marketing you can get in-depth exploration of what CPA affiliate marketing is, discover its advantages, and its potential to run campaigns effectively.

How does White-Labeling Work?

White label affiliate marketing  is a customizable marketing solution that enables marketers to rebrand products according to their own identity. Typically, it is offered as a subscription service wherein the software developer grants the right to use and modify the visual aspects during the subscription period. By opting for these programs, you can avoid the hassle of manually setting up, managing, and optimizing your white label page on your website.

White label affiliate network is a platform that includes various services essential for affiliates, such as the affiliate store, offers, and cashback options. Once you install the software on your site, the network automatically populates the pages with offers and discounts through XML feeds. Additionally, they ensure that the page is already optimized for SEO, and they provide maintenance services. This allows affiliates to focus on creating valuable content for their site to attract new traffic.

To join affiliate networks, there are usually certain requirements that you must fulfill. However, white label affiliate networks may have an additional condition of a large website that generates substantial traffic.

How to Use White Labeling?

Basic understanding of HTML and CSS is required when using white label software. A marketer only needs to understand the basic settings of colors, styles and other things.

White label can be realized in several ways:

  • Websites: White label works as an independent website. In this case, the affiliate has the opportunity to make some changes through the affiliate network interface, but not to completely change the appearance. To run a white label site, the affiliate needs to attach a domain (or subdomain) to the affiliate program server;

  • Mobile solutions: In addition to classic white label solutions, there are also mobile solutions. For example, the brand team created a “blank” iOS app and uploaded it to the Apple Store. A mobile app based on white labels can be customized by the partner to fit their brand. The design and other brand parameters will be reflected to everyone who downloads the app via the partner’s link;

  • Widgets: White labels can work as a widget and upload parameters to the partner’s page. An affiliate can place this tool on any page and receive results in his own design.

White label is a simple solution for partners who want to develop their own brand. However, it cannot be completely changed, only the language, currency and similar features.

Benefits of White-Labeling

There are advantages and disadvantages to using white label affiliate marketing solutions for affiliates and advertisers. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Pros & cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Label for Affiliates


  • Quickly launch an advertising campaign;
  • No need to dive into technical details of work — all technical part is assigned to the advertiser;
  • Information and technical support from the partner network. It is not always possible for affiliates to contact advertisers directly to clarify the nuances of product operation, as well as to ask questions about technical faults;
  • Possibility of integration with already existing affiliate marketing platforms.


  • There is no way to influence production of products;
  • Need to build a personal brand and gain credibility with the audience;
  • Advertising and promotion costs are required.

Pros & cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Label for Advertisers


  • Minimal advertising and marketing costs;
  • The offer is available to a large customer base;
  • The product becomes popular and the company creates a positive reputation;
  • Rapid market entry ahead of competitors.


  • The product is associated with the affiliate’s brand;
  • Lack of final connection with the consumer, inability to influence additional sales;
  • Inability to control the offer’s promotion.

Top 7 White Label Affiliate Marketing Software and Tools

1. Refersion

Refersion is affiliate marketing and tracking software. It provides direct integrations with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce, manage unlimited affiliates, advanced commissions and rewards, performance insights, payments.

Refersion is a first-party tracking to keep you compliant with privacy changes. There are no intermediary pages — you can build referral links with the shop’s domain to ensure the customer can always check out.

There are also tiered commission structures, flat-fee or bonus rewards for enterprise plans. SKU level tracking is for royalty commissions, coupon tracking for Instagram and customer emails for lifetime commissions. You can customize commission rates based on product/SKUs, new vs. returning customers and subscriptions.


  • 14 days trial;
  • Professional — $99 per month;
  • Business — $249 per month;
  • Enterprise — discussed.

2. UpPromote

UpPromote is a top recommended Shopify affiliate and referral tracking software. By using this solution, you can effortlessly construct and oversee your professional marketing campaign. The software offers detailed reports to monitor the performance of affiliates campaigns on metrics like clicks, orders, sales, and more.

UpPromote simplifies the affiliate marketing process by breaking it down into three essential steps: affiliate program creation, marketers attraction, and performance tracking. However, the software offers numerous additional tools and features that aim to streamline and automate these tasks.

The platform distinguishes itself through its robust management capabilities and tracking system. With this tool, you have the ability to monitor every click and order generated by affiliates, utilizing diverse tracking methods. Furthermore, you can customize the platform to align with your brand and maintain complete control over how affiliates represent your business.


  • Free — $0 (all the basic tools for starting an affiliate campaign);
  • Growth — $29.99 per month;
  • Professional — $89.99 per month;
  • Enterprise — $199.99 per month.

3. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is an affiliate tracking software for Online services, eCommerce and SaaS that integrates seamlessly with affiliate websites in just minutes. Using the platform, you have the ability to develop white-labeled affiliate pages that are customized to your brand and domain, without any external branding. Additionally, you can send individualized email notifications that reflect your brand’s unique tone and style.

You can customize the registration form used to sign up new partners. This includes specifying the information you will collect and what the form will look like. Tapfiliate also supports six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese.


  • 14 days trial;
  • Essential — $74 per month;
  • Pro — $124 per month;
  • Enterprise — Custom.

4. Scaleo

Scaleo is a platform that allows affiliates to launch an enterprise level affiliate program tailored specifically for a special niche: eCommerce, Finance, iGaming, etc. It brings together all traffic sources and affiliate channels so you can track, analyze, optimize and manage your business from one dashboard.

What is more, Scaleo stands out as the affiliate software that offers comprehensive data visualization. By presenting data in a visually comprehensible manner, the platform enables you to make quick and informed decisions effortlessly. You can now benefit from instant data display, making the process of decision-making faster and simpler.

Harness the boundless potential for business expansion with API. Unlock a myriad of possibilities, including seamless integration with third-party platforms, automated data transfer for any data element, and the option to construct a tailor-made portal specifically designed for partners and advertisers. With API, the opportunities for growth are limitless.


  • 14 days trial;
  • Scale — $1400 per month;
  • Custom — $2400 per month.

5. Offer18

Offer18 is a performance-marketing platform. It helps affiliates, advertisers to track, optimize, and measure the performance of their networks. The platform also includes numerous advanced features like Anti-Fraud, Offer Automation, Link Tester, Smart Offer and Powerful Offer Sync API is helping in the transformation of the performance marketing industry.

Through Offer18, you can manage your affiliate network from your own website and display your brands to your partners by using a complete white-label solution offering a range of features.

The Affiliate API is needed for effortless synchronization of offers and reporting procedures. Affiliates can conveniently access and integrate offers from our platform into their own systems, streamlining their workflow and enhancing performance.

As for the Report API, it is a part of the Offer18 White Label feature that simplifies the transfer of reports from the administrator’s dashboard to user dashboards. This ensures that users have access to precise reporting data, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on accurate information.


  • 10 days trial;
  • Basic — $49 per month;
  • Advanced — $149 per month;
  • Business — $349 per month.

6. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the best affiliate software platforms. The service is able to track affiliate referrals, clicks, commissions, payouts and more.

The platform helps businesses. For example, you can launch your own affiliate program, reward affiliates on the performance of sales and clicks. Each affiliate will be given a choice of marketing and advertising tools to promote your business. In addition, it will track the direction of your affiliate network, commissions, payouts, etc.


  • Pro — $129 per month;
  • Ultimate — $249 per month;
  • Network — $599 per month.


HOQU is a SaaS performance marketing platform caters to advertisers, affiliates, agencies, and networks, providing them with the ability to create, manage, track, and optimize online advertising campaigns.

The range of benefits is rather extensive. Integrating with advertisers through pixel or server-to-server (s2s) connections simplifies the process of setting up offers with ease. In order to provide users with an exceptional and secure experience, HOQU has integrated with industry-leading fraud prevention tools. The platform takes care of the entire data migration process from other platforms on your behalf. A dedicated specialist is assigned to personally assist affiliates throughout the migration process.

What concerns white label solution, HOQU allows the following features: custom network, affiliate, advertiser and email domains, own company’s logo and favicon, own privacy policy and terms of use, custom color scheme, custom login page design.


  • Free trial with 1000 conversions;
  • Intro — $99 per month;
  • Basic — $279 per month;
  • Business — $499 per month.

Best White Label Affiliate Programs

If you don’t want to create your own affiliate marketing programs using white label software, it’s possible to join a platform with existed solution:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Shopify Affiliate Program
  3. HubSpot Affiliate Program
  4. Wix Affiliate Program
  5. Grammarly Affiliate Program
  6. SEMrush Affiliate Program
  7. Constant Contact Affiliate Program
  8. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  9. AWeber Affiliate Program
  10. Teachable Affiliate Program


White labeling provides significant advantages in affiliate marketing. It allows affiliates to promote a wider range of products without the need for extensive development or inventory management. Businesses benefit from increased brand exposure and revenue growth through affiliate networks. While challenges exist, white-labeling fosters symbiotic relationships and drives growth and profitability in the industry. Embracing white labeling can be a game-changer for affiliates and businesses, fostering innovation and success in affiliate marketing.

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