10 Best GEOs for Dating Offer in 2024

Veranika Minina 26 March 2024 dating Top GEOs

Table of contents:

  1. Benefits of Dating for Affiliates
  2. Types of Dating Offers in Affiliate Marketing
  3. Dating Target Audience
  4. Best GEO for Dating Offers
  5. Where to Find Dating Offers?

Dating is one of the evergreen verticals in affiliate marketing nowadays, and it’s not a secret. It brings affiliates profit all the years.

Dating traffic requires implementation of several strategies that help to raise its number. In this article, you’ll know how to choose the right GEO and gain quality Dating traffic. The guide will be useful for both beginners and experienced marketers who are looking for new opportunities in this vertical.

Benefits of Dating for Affiliates

Dating is a niche that provides a possibility to find love or friendship. Every year the percentage of users who download the apps and register is rising. According to Statista, in the Online Dating market, the number of users is expected to amount to 452.5m users by 2028. That’s why the Dating vertical takes a leading position in affiliate marketing.

There are several reasons why marketers should enter these niche:

  • Diverse Offers: The dating vertical provides a wide range of offers to cater to different demographics, interests, and relationship preferences. Affiliates can choose from various dating platforms, matchmaking services, niche dating sites, increasing their chances of conversion;

  • High Conversion Rates: People actively seeking relationships are often highly motivated to find the right match. This motivation translates into higher conversion rates for affiliates, as users are more likely to sign up and engage with dating platforms;

  • Global Reach: Online Dating platforms have a global presence, allowing affiliates to target audiences worldwide. This global reach provides affiliates with access to diverse markets and a larger pool of potential customers, increasing their chances of success.

Dating offers show no signs of diminishing anytime soon. This niche has witnessed exponential growth, fueled by the emergence of matchmaking apps like Tinder and established online dating services like match.com.

Types of Dating Offers in Affiliate Marketing

Basically, Dating offers can be divided into 2 types: Mainstream and Adult. Let’s discover the peculiarities of each of them.

Mainstream Dating includes platforms and apps where individuals typically seek balanced relationships and are interested in building families rather than just sex relations. While some users may be open to casual encounters or finding a sexual partner, the promotional messaging of such platforms often revolves around themes like “Feeling lonely?” or other calls-to-action that do not explicitly imply sex dating.

Adult Dating includes offers that are directly focused on intimate encounters. These platforms cater to users who prefer to be independent but still desire to fulfill their basic needs without the expectation of finding a soul mate. Sex Dating platforms provide a convenient way for people to satisfy their desires without the need for emotional attachment or long-term commitments.

Summing up, Mainstream Dating typically focuses on offers, such as apps or websites that cater to a wide range of relationships. On the other hand, the Adult type targets websites specifically dedicated to sex dating or related content, such as webcam or porn sites.

Dating Target Audience

Dating users directed to Dating websites or apps have an intention to find either a long-term or short-term partner. It is specifically focused on fulfilling their romantic or companionship needs.

The target audience varies from offer to offer. It means that Mainstream offers will attract different age groups and genders, while more specialized offers like Adult or LGBT will target a clearly defined audience. However, one undeniable advantage is that the Dating vertical is widespread worldwide, so it’s always possible to find an offer in a familiar geographical location.

There are a few facts about the target audience that may surprise you. For example, men are more likely to sign up for dating apps and sites than women. And middle-aged people are looking for a partner more actively than the younger generation.

When creating promotional materials for Dating websites, it is crucial to consider all relevant data. However, it is essential to double-check the information specifically for the targeted GEO where you plan to advertise. This ensures that the promotional materials align with the accurate and up-to-date data for that particular GEO.

Best GEO for Dating Offers

Of course, Dating is spreading worldwide. And the top GEOs in Dating vertical change almost every day. But still, we can highlight the best locations that you should take into account promoting the offers.

According to the Statista data, the United States stands as the leader. However, European countries like the UK and France also demonstrate significant popularity in this field. While India and China exhibit lower usage rates relative to their populations, the sheer size of their populations results in revenues that far exceed those generated in European countries. These two countries boast substantial online matchmaking markets, contributing to approximately three-quarters of the total online dating service revenues.

For beginners, we recommend starting with less competitive GEOs such as China, Germany, France, and India. Additionally, it is worth considering the South African market as the volumes of the target audience are experiencing rapid growth in that region.

Top 10 GEOs for Dating Traffic

Here is the list with the best 10 GEOs:

  • USA;
  • France;
  • South Africa;
  • India;
  • China;
  • Germany;
  • UK;
  • Brazil;
  • Singapore;
  • Japan.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 locations in more detail.


The United States remains the dominant GEO for Adult dating. This market is highly attractive due to its diverse population and a significant percentage of internet users. With the widespread adoption of online Dating services, your Adult Dating offers are likely to resonate with the US audience.


It isn’t surprising that France, a country of love and romance, ranks among the top GEOs for Dating. France offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to enter its thriving online dating market. The French audience is renowned for being open-minded and receptive to Adult Dating offers, making this GEO an ideal match for your marketing endeavors.

South Africa

This region has gained significant traction in the online Dating sphere, as evidenced by the high volume of “dating online” queries originating from this area according to Google Trends data. Interestingly, users in this region also show a keen interest in searching for “dating coach.”


India has the second-largest population in the world, providing a vast pool of potential users for Dating platforms. The sheer size of the population contributes to a high demand for Dating services. Also, the country has witnessed a significant increase in internet penetration in recent years, with more people gaining access to smartphones and affordable data plans. This has resulted in a larger user base for online dating platforms.


Dating apps are thriving in China. The state gives them freedom for more than just romantic reasons. They can encourage people to get married at a time when China’s marriage and birth rates are at record lows. In addition, the apps also help users combat loneliness as the harsh quarantine has destroyed social ties.

Don’t waste your chance to gain Dating traffic from such countries as Germany, UK, Brazil, Singapore, and Japan. Due to the extreme popularity of Dating apps, it’s possible to get high commissions.


German users have shown a notable inclination towards online Dating services, appreciating the convenience and extensive selection of choices they provide for discovering potential partners. Moreover, the local market capitalizes on various distinctive factors that foster its growth and advancement.


There is a cultural openness and acceptance towards online Dating in the UK. Many people in the country view online Dating as a legitimate and convenient way to meet new people and form relationships. This positive attitude creates a favorable environment for attracting and retaining users.


The younger generation of Brazil exhibits a greater willingness to embrace Dating apps, attracted by the expanded pool of potential partners and the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, the convenience of browsing and engaging with potential matches at any time and from anywhere has significantly contributed to the escalating popularity of online Dating in Brazil. While mainstream Dating apps and websites still hold a strong presence, there has been an emergence of specialized platforms tailored to cater to specific interests or demographics.


On dating apps, users in Singapore primarily seek long-term relationships. In terms of Dating app target audience in this country, Singapore has a higher proportion of male users compared to women. Additionally, men tend to be more active on these apps, frequently checking them on a daily or weekly basis. In terms of age demographics, the majority of users fall within the young adult category, ranging from 16 to 34 years old.


Online Dating services have gained significant importance in the Dating life of Japan. A key contributing factor to this trend has been the widespread adoption of smartphones during the 2010s, which has resulted in the emergence of various dating and matchmaking apps. In 2023, the domestic online Dating service market was estimated at approximately 78.8 billion Japanese yen, slightly lower than the year before (2022). It’s expected that the market is anticipated to continue expanding from 2024 onwards.

Where to Find Dating Offers?

The best decision to find Dating offers is to join a CPA network. The number of platforms is high, but we can emphasize Top 13 Dating CPA Networks. Also, you can look through the table below.

CPA NetworkDating Offers NumberMinimum Payout


The Dating vertical in affiliate marketing continues to thrive, offering affiliates the chance to increase their earnings via promoting online Dating offers. By choosing the right GEO and targeting the appropriate audience, both beginners and experienced marketers can unlock new opportunities and achieve success in this ever-evolving vertical.

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