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Table of contents:

  1. Gambling Advertising Funnel
  2. Best 6 Gambling Ads Creatives
  3. Prelanding and Landing Pages in Gambling Advertising
  4. Where to Find Gambling Offers?

In affiliate marketing, Gambling vertical includes promotion of Gambling platforms, casinos, sports betting, or any other forms of services where users risk their funds to win money or other prizes. Nowadays, the popularity of this niche is incredible. According to statistics, 26% of the world’s population is involved in Gambling, which means over 2 billion people. And about 50% of users have gambled via their mobile phones.

Gambling ads creatives not only attract new players, but also sustain the interest of existing ones.

Visual appeal holds significant importance in the advertising industry. By incorporating high-quality creatively crafted visuals, the allure of your advertisements can be greatly enhanced. Create catchy ads with a clear message that encourages users to click and start playing.

So, the right advertising approaches play a significant role. Let’s have a look at the best Gambling ads creatives.

Gambling Advertising Funnel

It’s widely known that the traditional sales funnel is effective in capturing and retaining users until they make a purchase. Generally, you need to develop captivating creatives, use a pre-designed landing page, and reap the benefits of increased conversions.

Considering that the target audience consists of users who rely on the first impressions, affiliates need to gently push them towards their first purchase.

In the case of Gambling offers, the most effective funnel includes creatives, prelanding and landing pages.

Let’s have a look at each part of sales funnel:

  • Creatives: It’s recommended to leverage 5-10 creatives. This approach allows affiliates to test various strategies, analyze which creatives work better and attract more users. As the initial stage of the funnel, the creatives should captivate the user’s attention and generate genuine interest;

  • Prelanding page: Prelandings is an opportune moment to engage the player and provide them with a range of options. However, it is crucial to prioritize entertainment and create an environment where the player feels like a winner. By igniting their desire to continue playing, you can effectively captivate their attention and prolong their engagement;

  • Landing page: At this step, customers are ready to make a purchase. Therefore, the landing page should be immediately evident to the client how to make a deposit and claim any available bonuses.

These formats provide distinct advantages as they do not impose specific restrictions on advertising compared to other traffic sources.

But before starting the sales funnel, you need to find Gambling offers. We recommend you to get acquainted with our list of “Best 13 Gambling CPA Networks” where you can find the best affiliate platforms to join.

Best 6 Gambling Ads Creatives

Understanding how the advertising funnel works, we can move on to the top 6 Gambling ads examples that attract users.

1. Win-win Solution

Emphasize games or Gambling opportunities that offer clear and appealing winning potential. You can provide tempting rewards like deposit bonuses or free spins as prizes to enhance users’ desire to take part in. This Gambling advertising idea generates a sense of excitement and enhances the value of engaging with any Gambling platform.

2. Storytelling

Storytelling is a Gambling ads idea that allows affiliates to tell stories of users who achieved a big win. This approach helps to cultivate trust among users by adding names and a geographical location, such as Jack from New Jersey.

3. Personalization

This example of Gambling ads captures user interest by addressing an ad directly to individuals. This approach is effective for push ads, as users receive personalized notifications, further enhancing the impact of the message.

4. Call to Action

It is essential to add a call-to-action in the Gambling ads in order to guide users on how to further engage. Whether it involves inviting them to sign up, download an app, or explore specific games, a strong call-to-action prompts users to take the next steps confidently.

5. Questions

Questions help to captivate your audience, with the most common being the desire to make quick money. Instantly provide a compelling answer to this question within your ads, ensuring that the message resonates with your audience’s interests. You can use this idea in casino advertisements.

6. Sense of Urgency

By offering users limited-time offers and promotions, you create a sense of urgency. Including phrases such as “Limited time offer” or “Exclusive today only” can effectively encourage users to take immediate action. This approach is suitable for online casino ads.

Prelanding and Landing Pages in Gambling Advertising

As we’ve already mentioned, in successful advertising funnel not only creatives, but also prelanding and landing pages play a crucial role. Let’s discover Gambling campaign ideas that work.

How to Create Prelanding Page?

There are several recommendations:

  • Use gamification elements: Such things allow to enhance user engagement, making customers more likely to continue playing. Furthermore, once a user has achieved a win, you can leverage this opportunity to invite them to register and receive additional prizes. Entice users with offers such as free spins and bonuses;

  • Share stories: When a user visits a page and reads about the success story of a real user, it instills the belief that everyone can become a winner.

How to Create a Landing Page?

For landing pages, we suggest using the following advices:

  • Ensure a seamless user experience by prioritizing user-friendliness of the platform. The user should not have to question how to make a deposit, or claim their prizes and bonuses. Instead, everything should be intuitively clear and easily accessible;

  • Don’t forget to show bonuses with the terms and conditions for receiving them, especially if you’ve advertised this in creatives or on a pre-launch landing page. This is essential to maintain user trust.

Where to Find Gambling Offers?

There is a list of the best CPA networks that provide affiliates with Gambling offers. Check it to find a suitable option.

NetworkGambling Offers NumberMinimum Payment


Gambling is a highly popular niche in affiliate marketing. Advertising plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining players. Visual appeal, along with a well-designed advertising funnel comprising creatives, prelanding pages, and landing pages, is key to driving conversions.

Effective creative ideas include emphasizing winning potential, storytelling, personalization, strong calls to action, questions, and creating a sense of urgency. Prelanding pages should incorporate gamification elements and share real success stories. Landing pages should be user-friendly and transparent about bonuses and conditions.

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