How to Gain Online Gambling Traffic in Indonesia

Veranika Minina 09 July 2024 Gambling Guide

Table of contents:

  1. Online Gambling in Indonesia: Characteristics
  2. Legal Indonesian Landscape
  3. Why to Run Gambling in Indonesia?
  4. Best Traffic Sources for Gambling
  5. Creatives for Gambling Offers in Indonesia
  6. Nuances of Work with Indonesia

Popularity of Gambling in Indonesia and Asia in general continues to grow, but not all affiliates know the secrets of successful promotion in this GEO.

In this article we will look in detail at the peculiarities of gaining Gambling traffic in Indonesia successfully, covering all the key aspects, including the choice of traffic sources and the development of creative solutions.

Online Gambling in Indonesia: Characteristics

Indonesia is ideal for Gambling industry. There are several reasons that make this country one of the best for such a vertical. Knowing some key characteristics, you’ll be able to effectively run offers in this country.

Target Audience in Indonesia

GEO statistics:

  • Population — 270,625,568;
  • Area — 1,811,569 sq km;
  • Audience size — 24,090,467.

According to, the target audience is people aged from 18 to 24. Also, affiliates can focus on the 25-34 age group that is even more reliable. Surprisingly, women engage in Gambling more than men, taking 68.4% vs 31.6%. What concerns devices, Android phones and tablets take a leading place which means that iOS offers are not in priority in Indonesia.


The primary language spoken in the country is Indonesian. But due to the country’s diverse islands and provinces, other languages are also used by the local populations.

On the internet, the majority of advertisements are presented in Indonesian. However, it is worth noting that English is well understood by:

  • Residents of Bali, who frequently interact with foreign tourists;
  • Residents of Jakarta and Surabaya, where there is a significant presence of English courses and international schools.

Therefore, it is advisable to create advertising materials in the Indonesian language to effectively reach the target audience.

Popular Casino Brands

Indonesians prefer diverse Gambling activities, including traditional slot machines, poker, roulette as well as dominoes, which holds a special place in this region.

That’s why there is a list of popular websites that are worth trying:

  • BK8;
  • eqn777;
  • indoslot8;
  • 1xBet;
  • WE88.

Also, gamblers in Indonesia actively try new platforms, hoping to find other opportunities to play.

Accepted Payment Methods

Indonesia, the largest country in Southeast Asia in terms of population, is witnessing noteworthy growth in mobile payments and digital wallets. This progress is primarily driven by the tech-savvy younger generation. Approximately 60% of internet users in the country rely on smartphones for internet access, and mobile wallets such as Dana, PayPal, and DOKU are experiencing rapid growth in popularity.

While the future looks promising, there are still challenges to overcome in Indonesia’s digital transformation. Currently, only half of the population has internet access, around 48% possess a bank account, and the penetration of card usage is below 20%. These figures highlight the need for further efforts to bridge the digital divide and enhance financial inclusion in the country.

Despite this fact, the most useful payment methods are OVO, Xendit, GoPay, DANA, LinkAja and Jenius as well as regular ones — Visa and Mastercard.

Legal Indonesian Landscape

Surprisingly, Gambling is illegal in Indonesia. Due to the absence of a legal framework for online casinos, the Indonesian authorities maintain strict control over all forms of iGaming. As a result, traditional advertisements for Gambling are not permitted in the country.

Gambling — casinos, poker rooms, sports betting and bingo — has been banned in the country since 1974, but related sites still accept Indonesian registrations worldwide.

Budi Arieh Setiadi, appointed in May 2023, who is responsible for internet censorship, information issues and communications across Indonesia, has, in less than 12 months since his appointment, helped prevent and remove 805,923 forms of online Gambling content previously available in the country.

Despite all restrictions, the popularity of the iGaming industry in Indonesia remains very high. The profits of such platforms are only increasing, which means that promoting Gambling in the country is a good choice.

Why to Run Gambling in Indonesia?

There are several reasons why you should concentrate on getting Gambling traffic in Indonesia. Let’s have a look at the most persuasive ones.

Cheap Gambling Traffic

Indonesia provides affiliates with cheap traffic. According to RichAds research, you can benefit from remarkably low CPC in push traffic, which is as little as $0.04, and pops at $4.4 per thousand views. As a result, conducting campaigns using these methods can lead to exceptionally high results.

By obtaining affordable Gambling traffic in Indonesia, you have the opportunity to significantly enhance your return on investment (ROI) and maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.

Growing Market

As we’ve already said, the popularity of iGaming activities is rising in Indonesia. Based on research provided by the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center, approximately 3.2 million Indonesians, mainly teachers and housewives, are involved in online Gambling. The total value of transactions in just the first quarter of 2024 amounted to 600 trillion rupiah or $36.5 billion.

According to Statista, the online Gambling sector in Indonesia is expected to generate a revenue of $19.7 million by 2027, reflecting a growth rate of 8.6% over the last five years.

Loyal Audience

The target audience is solvent people between the ages of 18 and 34. Indonesians are for the most part disciplined, calm and reserved. They do not behave aggressively even if they lose. Most residents try not to stand out. They are not very fond of showing off their wealth.

Despite the Indonesian government’s best efforts to restrict online casinos, Gambling is still incredibly popular throughout the country. Its residents are very Gambling-minded people. This is due to the historical and demographic factors of the country’s development.

There are no localized providers offering Gambling in Indonesia, but there are many international platforms that accept players from this country. These sites offer both online poker and bingo, as well as other casino games and sports Betting.

Best Traffic Sources for Gambling

Understanding that iGaming is banned in Indonesia, it is important to determine which advertising formats can be used when promoting offers. Let’s have a look at the possible ad formats.

Native Ads

Native advertising is one of the best formats to promote Gambling offers in the country with governmental restrictions. Such advertising is integrated into the content in a limited way and is unobtrusive, which makes it highly effective. In addition, native format is characterized by a high degree of trust among users. Thus, the use of native traffic in the iGaming vertical helps to establish long-term relationships with users and increase loyalty.

Push Ads

Push ads and Gambling is a great bundle for making a profit. A push campaign is launched instantly and results are seen quickly, plus the traffic is very cheap.

In order to successfully launch a company using fluff, use a few tips:

  • Use landings on push and native ads;
  • Start a test with 5 or more creatives to see which converts better;
  • Set up ads for the whole day, not for a limited amount of time, so you can optimize it later based on results.

The list of the best push networks will be useful if you are looking for such platforms.

Pop Ads

Pops are popular in advertising today, and they are unlikely to lose popularity in the near future. Easy to use format that is suitable even for beginners, large volumes of traffic and low rates attract affiliates. 

Pop traffic is one of the best options to promote Gambling offers in the Indonesian market. It has an ability to deliver high conversion rates to an audience that actively participates in Casino games.

This advertising format is particularly effective because it is more assertive, which aligns well with the preferences of the Indonesian audience who are highly interested in Gambling and respond to various stimuli. Additionally, pop traffic is cost-effective, allowing for reduced initial campaign expenses and increased return on investment (ROI).

Creatives for Gambling Offers in Indonesia

Gambling advertisements in Indonesia follow the same pattern as simple Casino ads. There is three main components:

  • Creatives: The task of this advertising material is to attract the customer’s attention. Therefore, the creatives should be visually appealing and compelling;

  • Prelanding pages: This page is needed to pique the interest of the users and encourage them to click on the link to the landing page;

  • Landing pages: The purpose of the landing page is to engage and retain users. It should be simple, attractive, and credible.

This block is dedicated to reviewing the best promotional materials for Gambling.

Creatives Examples

We have examined popular creative Gambling ads in Indonesia and created a list of advices:

  • Evoke emotion: Use content with happy people to make players want to be like them. Images of Asian people work best;

  • Highlight attractive Asian women: Include images of beautiful Asian women in elegant traditional outfits or lingerie to appeal to a predominantly male audience;

  • Encourage specific actions: Encourage users to make a deposit or register by clearly articulating the desired user action and including effective calls to action in creatives;

  • Create a sense of exclusivity: Offer limited-time bonuses or promotions tied to national holidays or Betting events to make users feel privileged and incentivize their participation;

  • Use vibrant visuals: Take advantage of Indonesians’ preference for bright colors and their craving for a variety of games and slots, especially those with recognizable mascots;

  • Include gamification elements: Since Indonesians view casinos as a source of entertainment, offer them an engaging experience, such as free spins from well-known brands that will lead users to a pre-landing page with a wheel of fortune or other interactive elements;
  • Collaborate with influencers: Show popular streamers or influencers who have endorsed your brand and show their satisfaction with their happy statements.

Here are several examples of the best Gambling creatives.

Prelanding Pages

There are also rules when using prelanding pages. For example, you can do a small review of the casino by adding vivid screenshots showing the features, including a list of providers, brand names, number of slots, and bonuses offered to new players and VIPs.

Or use an element of gamification. A spin wheel is more common. Make sure the game is designed as a win-win, guaranteeing each user a bonus at the end.

Landing Pages

The last stage of the funnel is landing pages. Develop an informative landing page for Gambling offers that is visually appealing and simple at the same time. Gather all the relevant information into separate sections, presenting the most popular games, available payment methods and bonuses. Make sure that the site has a good loading speed and is not overloaded with unnecessary information.

Simplify the registration process by including only the required fields on the registration page. Don’t ask users for unnecessary information. This approach will help retain more players and encourage them to register on the casino site.

Nuances of Work with Indonesia

Indonesia, being a vast archipelago composed of numerous islands, is characterized by a diverse range of lifestyles, customs, and regulations. The geographical factor plays a significant role in shaping the online behavior of users, ultimately impacting your profitability.

Indonesians avoid impulsive and expensive purchases. It is advisable to offer Gambling considering the average standard of living in Indonesia, rather than basing it solely on their personal standards.

It is crucial to be mindful of the cultural context in Indonesia. There is a revered ruling family that holds significant respect from the majority of Indonesians. Therefore, it is important not to mention them in advertisements, as it may evoke strong negative reactions from the country’s citizens.


Gaining Gambling traffic in Indonesia requires a comprehensive understanding of the local market, cultural nuances, and legal landscape. To effectively attract users from this country to your offers, it is crucial to employ a multi-faceted approach as well as develop the right creatives.

Regardless of your experience in affiliate marketing and Indonesia, this specific market segment holds the potential for profitability if you carefully consider the distinctive characteristics of this geographical location.

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