Top 8 Young CPA Networks in 2024

Veranika Minina 04 July 2024 top networks

Table of contents:

  1. Essence of Young CPA Networks
  2. Top 8 Young CPA Networks

As a rule, affiliates in search of CPA networks choose proven platforms with high ratings and long existence in the market. However, young affiliate programs are usually ignored. And it doesn’t mean that they don’t have converting offers with high commissions.

We’ve created a list of young CPA networks in 2024. Choose one or more of them and test the features of the new platform.

Essence of Young CPA Networks

Young affiliate networks are relatively new, but professional platforms that provide an opportunity for affiliates and advertisers to earn. They are different in that they can be more flexible, innovative and focused on small and medium-sized businesses. They may offer new technologies, tools and approaches to affiliate marketing to appeal to both advertisers and affiliates.

Younger affiliate networks may also offer better terms for affiliates, such as higher commission rates, better analytics tools or a more personalized approach to managing affiliate marketing programs.

Top 8 Young CPA Networks

There is a list of young CPA networks to join in 2024.

1. Yellana

Yellana is a CPA network created in 2023. The platform mostly operates in such a vertical as iGaming providing affiliates with 700+ offers. There are also offers in Utilities, Software, Sweepstakes niches, and Smartlinks. In the collection you will find in-house products, as well as offers from direct advertisers.

As a part of RichAds, Yellana has built up a pool of converting bundles and offers that now are shared with new members. The main traffic sources are PPC, FB. The platform also works with ASO, UAC, In-App, Email and so on. At the end of 2023, the company launched an internal platform based on their own user experience.

The CPA network works with both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers. Support service can help with actual working bundles: GEO and vertical as well as converting examples of creatives. Also, affiliate managers help to customize campaigns, selects an offer specifically for you, make bump rates, additional integrations on request.


  • Offers number: 700+;
  • Verticals: iGaming, Utilities, Software, Swipestakes;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, RevShare, Hybrid;
  • Payment frequency: Weekly, Bi-weekly;
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Capitalist, Payoneer, on request;
  • Minimum payout: $100.

2. VIP Response

VIP Response is a new CPA network. The company was established in 2013, but later in 2022 in-house agency and mobile app were launched. Now it is accessible to all partners.

The affiliate platform provides several solutions:

  • Performance marketing is a results-driven approach to run business. Advertisers only pay for the specific actions they desire, while affiliates are duly compensated for generating high-quality traffic and putting in dedicated effort, receiving favorable commissions;
  • eCommerce venture, Goodeess, provides access to a vast selection of over 20,000 products at jaw-dropping discounts of up to 70%. From sourcing top-notch products to creating compelling content and handling in-house media buying, VIP Response has every aspect meticulously taken care of;
  • Data Solutions help to meet the specific needs of affiliates and advertisers. Whether you require lead generation, data management, or access to global data, the platform has covered. The CPA network prioritizes GDPR compliance and can provide expert guidance to steer you in the right direction.

Talking about numbers, there are 69 countries VIP Response manages data in,  4M+ generated opt-ins monthly, 10 languages the support service speaks fluently, 1 custom built system for all VIP’s services.


  • Offers number: 500+;
  • Verticals: eCommerce, Apps, Casino, Mobile, Utilities;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM;
  • Payment frequency: Net-30, Net-15, Weekly;
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, PayPal;
  • Minimum payout: €1,000.


KIV Network is an affiliate network specializing in the Crypto/Forex vertical. The company accepts traffic from all over the world: Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries. CPA payment model and weekly payments in cryptocurrency are available for new affiliates. With stable and high-quality traffic, they offer CPL and CRG models with weekly payments.

CRG (Conversion Rate Guarantee) is a sophisticated approach in which advertisers anticipate a specific percentage of leads to successfully convert into purchases or other desired actions. If the actual conversion rate falls below the guaranteed level, the advertiser is obligated to provide compensation for the shortfall.

To start cooperation with KIV Network, you can initiate the process by completing a brief registration on the website or directly contacting affiliate managers. Once you’ve done so, one of the managers will carefully curate suitable offers tailored to your needs and provide comprehensive instructions and support throughout each stage of the process.


  • Offers number: 50+;
  • Verticals: Crypto/Forex;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CRG;
  • Payment frequency: Weekly;
  • Payment methods: Wire, PayPal;
  • Minimum payout: $500.

4. Сoursetrain

Сoursetrain is a new affiliate program that operates on the CPA model, providing up to 40% cashback from subscription sales through user promo codes. The platform contains training courses on a variety of topics, so the main vertical is Education. Partners are guaranteed constant support and fast payouts within 1-3 days.

To join Coursetrain, you need to register on the website and send a request to join the affiliate program by email. Then an affiliate manager will contact you, ask you a few questions and approve your account.

Joining the CPA program, you gain access to an extensive collection of offers. The team of Coursetrain takes pride in providing not only top-notch content from esteemed experts but also exclusive access, placing the platform ahead of the competition.


  • Offers number: 2,270+;
  • Verticals: Education, eCommerce;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS;
  • Payment frequency: Weekly;
  • Payment methods: Visa/MasterCard, Crypto, etc.;
  • Minimum payout: $10.

5. SkyLead

SkyLead is a Nutra affiliate network. The platform has only recently appeared on the market, but already offers a wide range of offers and GEOs, constant updating and expansion of the product line, as well as competitive rates.

One of the features is the possibility to create exclusive offers specifically for large teams on individual terms: development of the offer, design, writing a script specifically for the promotional partner, work in private mode and guarantees of results.

The SkyLead team approaches the process with quality and support at all stages: they help with promos, advise on all the nuances and give recommendations for high results, based on working cases only. When working with SkyLead, it is immediately clear that the team is focused on a long and fruitful cooperation that leads to good results.

If desired, any affiliate can participate in the development of the project: the most interesting ideas are regularly discussed and quickly implemented. This is a great opportunity to create an ideal network that meets all the expectations of webmasters.


  • Offers number: 150+;
  • Verticals: Nutra/Health;
  • Commission types: CPA;
  • Payment frequency: Weekly;
  • Payment methods: Capitalist, USDT, etc.;
  • Minimum payout: $1.

6. DID Global Partners

Did Global Partners is an affiliate program of Did Global, a popular telecommunication company. The affiliate program provides a possibility to earn attracting users who will use telecommunication services, telephony and other services of the company.

Benefits of the affiliate program:

  • Extensive GEO;
  • Telephony and telecommunication services;
  • Wide range of commission models: CPL, CPS, CPA, Revenue Share;
  • Individual conditions of cooperation;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • Fast payments on request;
  • Availability to connect a personal manager 24/7.

Did Global Partners suggests individual terms of cooperation for each affiliate marketer. To cooperate, you need to send an application on the official site, after which your personal manager will contact you and tell you about the terms of cooperation as well as offer favorable terms of cooperation depending on the available traffic.


  • Offers number: 150+;
  • Verticals: Telecommunication;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPS, CPA, RevShare;
  • Payment frequency: On request;
  • Payment methods: USDT, PayPal, Bitcoin;
  • Minimum payout: $1.

7. Hamsters

Hamsters is a new CPA network that just start the career in the affiliate marketing community. It’s a direct Nutra/Health advertiser with its own production and constantly up-to-date offers. Partner is not limited to Nutra, as well as to the attention of the web is presented offers of other verticals only from direct advertisers.

The platform was created in 2023. The main GEOs are Africa, Latam, Europe, Asia and Nordic. To register, you need to fill a form with standard questions. Then you’ll receive a link on your email to confirm registration.

Furthermore, the team of experts is dedicated to engaging in fruitful discussions with affiliates to determine the optimal payout rates. Hamster strives to ensure the utmost comfort and satisfaction for valued partners throughout their journey with the platform.


  • Offers number: 1,000+;
  • Verticals: Nutra/Health, Gambling;
  • Commission types: CPA;
  • Payment frequency: On request;
  • Payment methods: USDT, Capitalist, ZaleyCash, Wire transfer;
  • Minimum payout: $20.

8. AdHive

AdHive is a CPA network that consists of a team of experienced professionals in affiliate marketing. Marketers are supported by a team of committed and knowledgeable managers who possess the expertise to help affiliates maximize their earning potential and optimize their campaigns. These dedicated young professionals provide personalized guidance, strategic advice, and ongoing assistance to ensure a successful and rewarding marketing experience.

Also, affiliates are presented with a wide array of offers. AdHive boasts over 150 campaigns spanning various niches and industries.

Marketers can receive their earnings through reliable and widely accepted Wire transfers. This secure method ensures that funds are directly accessible in affiliates’ bank accounts. AdHive follows an accelerated payment schedule, enabling affiliates to swiftly access their funds. With Net-5 payouts, marketers don’t have to endure lengthy waiting periods, allowing them to reinvest in their campaigns or allocate the funds for other business needs.


  • Offers number: 150+;
  • Verticals: eCommerce, Gambling, Nutra/Health;
  • Commission types: CPA;
  • Payment frequency: Weekly;
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer;
  • Minimum payout: $1,500.


The new affiliate platforms in 2024 are revolutionizing the digital advertising landscape. With their innovative solutions, data-driven strategies, and emphasis on emerging technologies, the best CPA networks are reshaping the market, taking leadership in the industry. Their commitment to transparency, performance, and client partnership positions them as volunteers. As the digital advertising landscape evolves, these affiliate networks will continue to drive innovation and shape the future of the industry.

Veranika Minina
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